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Science in Europe does not agree on whether acupuncture actually sets a medical healing process in motion. In China, acupuncture is part of traditional medicine. Actually a therapy with needles is carried out, which are arranged at certain places of the body, in order to relieve discomfort. Heilpraktiker recommend acupuncture plasters for the well-being and as self-therapy. These are available in pharmacies and drugstores, among other places.

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If you do not want to insert needles into your body, you can use acupuncture patches as an alternative or in addition. These “grid paving” consist of a mixture of polyester and polyurethane materials. The weight of a plaster corresponds to the average skin layer. Due to the good fit, this plaster lies on the skin like another layer of skin and is hardly noticeable. The adhesive used is hypoallergenic acrylate adhesive which, according to the manufacturer, is also suitable for sensitive skin. The material is also breathable. Other medical ingredients cannot be detected. The grid-shaped or round perforated acupuncture plaster should promote natural healing by its structure alone.

A tense neck or a strain in the thigh after sport should be treated with an acupuncture plaster. It does not replace any medical or curative treatment, but is regarded as an additive accompanying a therapy. The advantage for the patient is that such a patch is quickly at hand. If you do not have time to consult a doctor immediately, you can stick the acupuncture plaster on the affected area and wait for the symptoms to subside. If this is not the case, a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

It is advisable for users to deal with acupuncture as a matter of principle, because the patch should also work during mental stress. Therefore, it is very important to know exactly where the plaster has to be stuck in order to achieve the desired effect. Patients should consult their doctor of choice and seek detailed advice.

Use without consulting a specialist or alternative practitioner is not recommended for patients with a skin disease. Under no circumstances may the plaster be stuck to an open wound. If the wound comes into contact with the adhesive, it can ignite and increase suffering. Users are also not allowed to insert the acupuncture plaster into or stick it onto body orifices. This can lead to immediate irritation, especially in the genital area. Should this happen accidentally, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Before the acupuncture plaster is applied to the skin, it must be cleaned. Ideally, users use a PH-neutral washing lotion to prevent skin irritation. At least the body wash should be soap-free. Oily skin reduces the adhesive properties of the plaster and will therefore last less time. If the skin is free of grease, the area has to be dried and the water has to be dabbed off the skin. Rubbing or stroking the skin promotes irritation, which becomes visible through redness. Wait a few minutes after drying, then apply the plaster as indicated.

If the skin area is hairy skin, the hair should be trimmed before use. Shaving again leads to irritation, which must be prevented. The acupuncture plaster on the head or face is not suitable. The patch should no longer be used after one week at the latest. If the symptoms have not subsided, the advice of a physician is essential. Gatapex Medical Ltd. offers a pack of acupuncture plasters in grid form. The package contains 160 plasters. A daily change of the patch is recommended. Size per plaster: 21 x 27 mm with latex-free adhesive. The product is available in different colours, including skin colours, so that the plaster is hardly visible. It is especially important in everyday professional life to apply such healing products discreetly. Nasara delivers a 3-pack acupuncture plaster in different sizes. This makes it easy to cover small to medium-sized areas of the body to stimulate the healing process. The supplier recommends the skin-coloured patch for various pains, unless these need to be medically treated elsewhere. Such plasters should also serve to stop smoking. There is no scientific evidence for a targeted effect.

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