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Back pain and tension have developed into a real widespread disease. Even though there are many different therapy options for this, they do not work equally well for every person. Many people are therefore looking for alternative treatment options and often come across the acupressure mat, which can be used comfortably in their own home.

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The basic idea of the acupressure mat can probably be traced back to the very original aid called “bed of the nails”, which in the past was used by yogis or fakirs to loosen blockades in the psychological and physical area. This traditional nail board, which has its origins in the Indian region, was made of wood and iron nails. The modern acupressure mat, on the other hand, consists of slightly pointed and clearly perceptible pimples, which are usually made of hard plastic.

Already in 2008 the acupressure mats became very popular in Sweden. There, by the way, they have the name Spikamatte. The mat became so popular in Sweden that the Swedish Trade Research Institute declared it the Christmas present of the year in 2009. This trend towards acupressure mats has spread and can now be recognized worldwide.

There is no difference between these two mats. There are only two different names for an object.

As described above, the predecessors of the acupressure mat were made for the dissolution and elimination of mental and physical blockades. In addition, acupressure mats can also be used for meditation, where it is reported that they can not only alleviate back pain, but also reduce or even heal sleep disorders, migraines and other diseases. However, there are no scientific studies that can confirm this.

In principle, the aim when using the acupressure mat is to relax the body so that it can gain new energy. At the same time the blood circulation is to be improved and tensions of psychological as well as physical nature are to be solved in the long term. The pimples inside the acupressure mat have a soothing and relaxing effect on the body with a massage effect. Numerous users report that the use of the acupressure mat in the beginning is associated with a slightly tingling sensation, which gradually leads to a pleasant as well as warm feeling in the entire body.

Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest have not yet included any acupressure mats in the comparison, which is why only personal impressions from users can be used. This can be done via the internet in various forums or on platforms via blog s. An experience report about acupressure mats is discussed in detail on the website as well as on

The answer lies in the pain sensitivity of the user. The use of the mat is of course not a pure feather stroking, especially with intensive tensions – however no tensions can be released in this way. However, the application does not cause pain. The feeling when using the acupressure mat lies between tingling and a slight prick, which disappears a few minutes after use and gives way to a pleasantly warm feeling. The applications should not be too long-term at the beginning and should rather be constantly increased.

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