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Almonds enjoy great popularity not only during the Christmas season. They are eaten as a small snack at the television evening or during breaks in lectures at the university. The “Seeberger almonds” are delivered in a 500 gram package. According to the manufacturer, they are subject to constant quality control. The fruits and nuts are gently refined and packaged in a protective atmosphere. The ingredients come from California, Chile and Australia. The use of preservatives, colourings and aromas is deliberately avoided. Fruchthof24’s brown Californian almonds are available in packaging sizes ranging from 500 grams to 10 kilograms. They are suitable for private and commercial use.

Almonds can be used as a small snack or to refine desserts. They originate from the almond tree, which is classified as a genus of the rose family. It produces stone fruits that are used not only in the food industry but also in the cosmetics industry. The almond tree has been cultivated by man for at least four thousand years. Today, most almonds come from the United States or the Mediterranean. Further cultivation areas are located in Iran and Pakistan. Almond oil is found in skin care creams and lip balms. There are three different types of almonds: the sweet almond, the noisy almond and the bitter almond. The sweet almond is the one which is mostly abbreviated as “almond”. It is covered with a rough, cinnamon-brown skin. If the almond is covered with boiling water, the skin can be easily removed. It serves decorative purposes, is used in pastries and is the basis for liqueurs and marzipan. Bitter almonds must not be eaten raw as they contain the toxic amygdalin. The name Crackling almond derives from the characteristic sound of opening. They are particularly popular during the Christmas season.

Almonds have a higher content of magnesium, calcium and potassium than nuts. They are rich in oil, vitamins, minerals and sugar. 100 grams of unroasted almonds contain a calorific value of around 575 kcal. Various studies have shown that regular consumption of nuts and almonds has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It is recommended by some doctors to eat about 20 grams of almonds per day. The fruits are also said to have a cholesterol-lowering effect. Since almonds contain an increased proportion of folic acid, they are a suitable supplementary food during pregnancy. The consumption of almonds is only clouded by the high proportion of fat and calories. How long the positive effect of the almonds has been known is shown by the student feed. The mixture is also known as Pfaffenfutter or in Switzerland as Tutti-Frutti. It was developed in the 17th century and originally consisted of almonds and raisins. In the course of time the student food was further developed and unsalted nuts followed. Today it is common to add hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews and Brazil nuts. The name student food was coined because almonds were expensive in the past and were only eaten by wealthy circles. If a special strengthening was necessary due to a disease, the student food was eaten in the past for strengthening. Further brand names and product names have been formed, such as the “Friesenfutter” from Meierburg.

Almonds are used in various recipes. When you bake a cake or prepare a dessert, almonds are a common ingredient. The practical 250 or 500 gram packs are also suitable as a small snack for the family. Although almonds contain many calories, they are considered healthier than potato chips or other snacks. Over the years numerous rumours have been spread about the almonds. They are said to have many positive effects, such as stimulating mental performance. One positive aspect, however, is undisputed: many people appreciate the excellent taste of almonds and prefer a healthy and modern snack. In combination with raisins it creates an exciting and varied taste.

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