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It is not hunger that hinders weight loss, but appetite. He attacks us with delicious smells or at the sight of food. Appetite comes whenever it wants, even if the last meal was only a few minutes ago and the body should not feel hungry. Appetite makes us eat even when the body is not in need of energy. And this makes losing weight or keeping weight very difficult. So there are appetite suppressants that suppress it. These products help us to control food intake ourselves and not to be driven by instincts. inhibition of the hunger centerAppetite inhibitors or appetite suppressants are medically referred to as anorectics (Greek: anorektein – “have no appetite”). They are used for weight reduction. They inhibit the centre of hunger or influence the centre of satiety in the hypothalamus. However, the appetite inhibitors can also activate metabolic metabolism by means of hormones. In addition to natural appetite suppressants such as water or vanilla, there are also artificially produced products that are supposed to have an appetite-suppressing effect

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Natural appetite suppressants include vanilla and water. The smell of vanielle inhibits appetite in the brain. But also products with vanilla for eating can have a positive effect on ravenous appetite. However, care should be taken to ensure that there is no sugar in the food, as this in turn stimulates the ravenous appetite. Vanilla yoghurts, which also contain sugar, are therefore omitted. However, protein drinks with vanilla flavour are recommended. Water is also one of the natural appetite suppressants. If your appetite is too high, it is recommended that you drink a glass of water. This signals to the body that it is eating something and curbs the appetite. At the same time, water has no calories, so no unnecessary calories are supplied to the body.

As mentioned above, vanilla flavouring in protein drinks can curb appetite. But protein drinks alone also have an appetite-suppressing effect. Protein drinks consist of protein. The powder is mixed with water or milk. The protein-rich diet produces a hormone that tells the brain that it is full. It also lasts long in the body. Anyone who uses protein drinks as an appetite suppressant often replaces a meal with a protein shake. The shakes sate very well. The protein continues to boost fat burning. Those who do not want to replace their usual meals with a protein shake and may also tend to consume too much food while eating can use capsules as appetite suppressants. These are taken with sufficient liquid up to three times a day half an hour before meals. They reduce the feeling of hunger, so that less food is eaten in the end. The capsules often contain swelling substances which signal to the stomach that it is full, as well as vitamins and minerals which stimulate the metabolic processes in the body so that it makes better use of the food supplied

The swelling materials used include glucomannans and cellulose. Glucomannan is a starch-like substance from branched carbon chains. Cellulose, on the other hand, consists of many glucose molecules and is unbranched. Both substances are components of the plant cell wall and therefore indigestible for the body. Therefore, both fill the stomach without supplying the body with excess nutrients. The Body Slim capsules rely on the swelling agent Glucomannan, which swells up in the stomach. In addition, the capsules contain an extract of the acai berry, which mobilizes the metabolism with its natural active ingredients and ensures better utilization of the food. Furthermore, these herbal appetite suppressants cause a delayed emptying of the stomach, so that it is longer full, which in turn has an inhibitory effect on the feeling of hunger.

With all appetite suppressants, everyone should be aware that they cannot rely on the effect of the products alone. They support the goal of losing weight or keeping weight with their inhibition of appetite. However, they do not replace a healthy diet or exercise.

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