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The very aromatic basmati rice comes from India. Already during the preparation it spreads a wonderful smell. The name is derived from this characteristic, because Basmati means fragrance in Hindi. Basmati rice goes well with many different Asian oriental dishes.

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Basmati rice is a long grain rice of which there are different varieties. The reason Basmati rice is so popular is its aroma. It is one of the few rice varieties with its own taste. Another advantage is the ability to remain granular so that it does not stick. There are different methods of preparing basmati rice. The ideal method is the swelling method. For this, two parts cold water and one part rice are put into a pot. After salting and boiling, the rice can be taken off the hot plate after three minutes. It is then wrapped in a kitchen towel and left to soak under a blanket. Salt should not be used during preparation in order to retain its characteristic aroma and taste.

Thanks to its looseness, rice is ideal for wok use and as a filling, for example in vegetables such as peppers. Basmati rice is an ideal alternative to ordinary rice, even for preparing tasty paella. But it also goes very well with various meat and fish dishes. Thanks to its nutty taste and particularly aromatic aroma, it is the perfect accompaniment to dishes that are exotically spiced, for example with curry, ginger or saffron, and prepared with fruit. The rice also goes well with hearty European dishes.

It is hard to imagine Indian cuisine without this noble type of rice, but it is also enjoying increasing popularity in this country. This is not only due to the excellent taste, but also to the other positive characteristics. The rice is considered a health rice due to its optimal tolerance and the ingredients. Basmati rice, for example, contains carbohydrates, minerals such as potassium, iodine, sodium, fluorine, zinc, iron and vitamins. It has a purifying effect and is therefore suitable for a fat-reduced diet. Rice is characterised by a low percentage of fat and protein. The fragrant rice is therefore very suitable for a healthy, nutrition-conscious cuisine. The following basmati rice is of high quality

This is a traditional basmati rice from India (Himalaya), which comes from organic cultivation and convinces with a particularly exquisite quality. It is cultivated here under the best biological conditions. The rice is pure and does not contain any foreign rice. The fine long grain rice of the premium brand Reishunger has a slightly earthy aroma of its own. It is wonderfully aromatic and can be used for the preparation of various dishes.

Basmati rice is the optimal choice in terms of taste and health. If you want to integrate rice more into your diet, you should make sure that you only buy genuine basmati rice. Basmati rice is often mixed with broken rice or rice of poorer quality. This is to reduce the price. This rice should not be chosen as it no longer fully combines the advantages. Reishunger guarantees 100 percent pure rice.

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