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  • 1500W heating element and 70CFM ventilation fan provides...
  • Bright 100W incandescent lighting provides clean, even light...
  • 7-watt nightlight provides a soft glow to light your bath...
  • IDEAL POSITIONING IS BECOMING A BREEZE, thanks to the double...
  • Kitchen
  • 290 cfm, 3.0 sones
  • Ventilate multiple bathrooms simultaneously
  • Also great for laundry or other problem rooms
  • 277 CFM 3.1 Sones (AMCA), 120V, 2.6 Amps
  • Broan Lo Sone Exhaust Fan 150 Cfm 6 In. Duct
  • Broan Manufacturing L150

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Fresh air in the bathroom is not always possible. Many bathrooms have no window. This eliminates the need for ventilation after bathing or showering. The higher humidity in this wet room can, however, cause mould or even damp walls over time. However, these consequences can be effectively counteracted by means of a bath ventilator. Ideally, the bath ventilator should be switched on when the mirror in the bathroom mists up after a hot bath or shower. This supply of fresh air, which takes place by circulating the air inside the bath fan, is healthy and above all good for the room. Since the installation of a bathroom ventilator can be a problem, especially in a bathroom where there is not much space, there are manufacturers who offer both wall and ceiling solutions. In particular, the ceiling solution has the advantage that the bathroom fan does not stand somewhere in the way or hang in a place where it in turn restricts freedom of movement in the bathroom. In terms of size, bathroom ventilators are quite small today. There are even flush-mounted versions for permanent installation. The stand models and those for the ceiling are intended in particular for retrofitting. Today, however, a bathroom ventilator is already installed as standard in many newly rented apartments

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Our Top Bath ventilator Pick

NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventlite Heater with Ventilator and Incandescent Ceiling Light, 70 CFM 1500-Watt, White
  • 1500W heating element and 70CFM ventilation fan provides optimum performance in bathrooms up to 100 square feet, so you can have a touch of heat just when you need it
  • Bright 100W incandescent lighting provides clean, even light for pleasant surroundings and enough light to focus on the details
  • 7-watt nightlight provides a soft glow to light your bath during those nighttime visits
  • 3.5 Sone sound level
  • Four-function wall switch included so you have the right switch to control all functions right out of the box

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The installation of a bath ventilator is simple. You only have to place the stand model on the floor and hang the ceiling model on the ceiling. Flush-mounted bathroom ventilators can also be installed quite simply and above all with just a few simple steps in existing shafts or pipes. For wobble-free installation, only a simple screw connection is usually required. Integration is therefore also possible at a later date. Even in the window glazing, a bathroom ventilator can be retrofitted with a simple kit. Such retrofitting may of course only be carried out with the consent of the lessor. Those who are not sure about the installation should consult a craftsman. Also the control of a bath ventilator is simple. Here you can even choose between different control options. With the so-called programmable humidity control, sensors measure the relative humidity in the room. When the previously set upper limit is reached, the unit switches on automatically and starts to circulate the air and freshly ventilate the room. After some time the device switches off automatically. This is when the sensors measure that the air composition is back within an acceptable range. There are also devices that are coupled with a motion sensor. In this case, the device switches on when someone enters the bathroom. The manually controlled devices work either by pressing a button or by pulling a cord

Since the bathroom should be a place of rest and recreation, but the bath ventilator already runs while the bath is in use, the bath ventilator should be quite quiet. Older models usually no longer meet this standard. Because these bath ventilators are often very loud in operation. With the new devices it was already paid attention with the production that the bath fan is not particularly loud. This means that the bath ventilator does not interfere, even if you are still in the bathroom when it is already in operation. These bath ventilators already have a factory designation such as “quiet” or “low-noise”. Despite their low volume, the bath fans are nevertheless powerful. That a bath ventilator is not too loud in any case, one should pay particular attention to this in a rented apartment. Because too loud bath ventilators can disturb possibly also the neighbours, in particular if the housing cuts are in such a way that the bathroom of the one tenant is directly at the bedroom wall of the other tenant. And also through pipes etc. the noise of a bath ventilator can be transmitted through the whole house possibly. Often already a bath ventilator was reason for a warning, which was received in the long run after a complaint of the neighbours of the landlord.

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