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If cycling is not only fun, but also to improve physical fitness, the tour should be a little sweaty for the bike. However, this also means that one should be careful to supply the body with the lost fluid again. A particularly practical solution here are drinking bottles that have been specially developed for bicycles and are therefore perfect for excursions or training sessions on the bike. Water always ready to handThe special thing about bicycle water bottles is their practical handling and storage on the bicycle. These water bottles are inserted into a special holder attached to the frame of the bicycle. The holder is often positioned in such a way that you have access to it while driving and can easily drink a sip of water without dismounting. Afterwards you put the bottle back into the holder and can hold the handlebar with both hands again. Holders in which the bottle simply has to be inserted are often more popular, because you don’t have to look away from the path to clean the bottle. In addition, the majority of bicycle drinking bottles are designed in such a way that they do not have a screw cap. The closure can be opened either simply with the fingers or with the teeth. This makes drinking even easier and less of a hindrance to cycling. Bicycle drinking bottles are available in a wide variety of variants, so that the buyer can choose from bottles made of aluminium, hard plastic or even glass. The design also varies from bottle to bottle, so that every taste is served. Advantages and disadvantages of bicycle drinking bottlesThe advantage of bicycle drinking bottles is clearly their practical use. They can easily be removed from the holder during the ride to quickly supply the body with fluid. Thanks to their mounting on the frame, the water bottles do not mean any extra luggage, which is particularly useful on sporty bicycle tours. In addition, the drinking bottles can be used again and again, making them more environmentally friendly than PET bottles from the supermarket. The water bottles are simply rinsed out and can be refilled with water for the next tour. However, if you want to take carbonated drinks with you, you will not be satisfied with a bicycle drinking bottle. Due to the shocks and impacts that the bicycle frame experiences during a trip, the drinks quickly lose carbon dioxide. The drinking bottles should therefore only be filled with still water, still isotonic drinks or juices. In addition, some holders are specially designed for a specific drinking bottle. If, for example, this bottle breaks due to a fall, not only a new bottle has to be purchased, but also the holder on the frame has to be replaced. Find a suitable drinking bottleBecause there are many different types of bicycle drinking bottles available, everyone will find a suitable product for themselves. First you should think about the size of the bottle. As a rule, bottles with a filling quantity between 0.5 and 1.5 litres are available. In addition, it makes sense to consider before the purchase whether one would like to buy a thermally insulated bottle. A thermal bicycle water bottle, for example, is very useful during long tours or on hot summer days. The water stays cool especially long if you add some ice cubes. Thermo bottles are usually made of stainless steel and are therefore a little heavier than bottles made of plastic. Both materials ensure a neutral taste and ensure safe enjoyment of the water. By the way, it makes sense to equip your bike with two water bottles. This not only provides you with more liquid during the tour, the water can also be used for other purposes. Often sticky hands have to be cleaned or the neck calls for cool refreshment when exposed to direct sunlight.

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CamelBak Podium Chill Insulated Water Bottle, 21 oz, Carbon
  • The 21 fl. oz. CamelBak Podium Chill Insulated Water Bottle uses double-walled construction to keep water cold long after you start pedaling
  • Self-sealing Jet Valve cap delivers high water flow; drink with ease without spills and splatters
  • Secure lockout on cap ensures leak-free transport and shaking and mixing of powdered drinks
  • Made from a proprietary blend of BPA-free and BPS-free polypropylene with Hydro Guard, the Podium Chill lets you taste your drink, not your bottle
  • CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee: If we build it, we'll Bak it with our lifetime guarantee

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Best Bicycle water bottle
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