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A beautiful and radiant smile not only ensures quick contact with other people, but also makes you yourself sympathetic and attractive. No wonder more and more people want that smile. But often the daily and regular dental care with the usual utensils is not sufficient to achieve and maintain a bright white of the teeth. This is because external influences, such as the consumption of coffee or tea, can cause unattractive discolorations on the teeth, which can affect the radiant impression. In this case only the so-called bleaching helps. But even if the term is more and more present in advertising today, only very few people know what is really behind it. What is bleaching actually, how can it be applied? How big is the effect and can everyone use it? What are the different types of bleaching in modern times?

How does bleaching work? There are different methods and procedures to remove stains from teeth, but the most effective and most effective are based on the chemical element hydrogen peroxide. This can quickly remove even stubborn discolorations, at least when used correctly. However, the use of hydrogen peroxide is not entirely harmless, and incorrect handling can lead to serious health problems. Trained personnel, such as medical assistants or nurses, and patients may only use bleaching agents with a maximum hydrogen peroxide content of 0.1 percent. If a higher concentration is required, application and treatment is only permitted by dentists. Depending on the method, the bleaching agent with the contained hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the teeth, after a predetermined time the agent is removed again. Depending on your needs, the treatment can of course be applied several times. What effect can be achieved? In general, it can be said that the results after treatment are different for each user. The result of whitening depends, among other things, on the original colour of the teeth and the natural white. And exactly for this reason, at least with professional bleaching at the dentist’s before the actual treatment is always a comprehensive clarification. This concerns, among other things, the expected result and naturally also points out possible dangers and complications which can occur in rare cases with every bleaching. However, there are also side effects, which of course must not be ignored. Among other things, the use of bleaching agents can be very painful for some patients. If pain occurs, the treatment should of course be stopped immediately. In addition, it has not yet been clarified exactly what effects bleaching substances have on the teeth. There is nothing to fear from a single application, but regular use can cause damage. Bleaching at home…As an alternative to bleaching at the dentist’s, there are now also procedures that can be applied directly at home. These are optical brighteners that have to be used several times for a visible effect. Various products are available on the market today, including bleaching gels, for example. These are applied directly to the tooth and removed after a few minutes by normal tooth brushing. Also splints, which are provided with the bleaching agent and then worn over a longer period of time, are available.

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What is bleaching anyway? translated the term bleaching means nothing else than tooth whitening, because in English “bleach” means bleaching. And with this translation, you can certainly imagine what bleaching is all about. Because through an intensive treatment of the surfaces of the teeth, the discolorations are directly removed and the whiteness of the teeth is restored. While bleaching today is usually only performed for optical reasons, there may actually be a medical indication. Among other things, psychological reasons can be mentioned here, in addition the surface of the teeth can be strongly discoloured by special illnesses.

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Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach For Face (2 Pack)
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Sally Hansen Creme Bleach Xtra Strength Face & Body (2 Pack)
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  • Black and White Bleaching Cream lightens-brightens darkened skin areas and helps fade unsightly freckles.
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Jolen Creme Bleach Regular 1 oz.
  • Lightens excess dark hair. Not tested on animals.
Jolen Creme Bleach Plus Aloe Vera, 1.2 oz.
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