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If a child wants to take riding lessons, the right equipment is important so that safety can be guaranteed at all times. Safety vests and riding helmets are indispensable from the very first riding lesson, but many parents hesitate to buy children’s riding boots at an early stage. For the first riding lessons, conventional street shoes with heels may be sufficient, but they are not recommended for long periods, as the children can get tangled up in the stirrups. Children’s riding boots with heels provide support and, in an emergency, ensure that the feet do not get caught in the stirrups in the event of a fall. They have no shoelaces or buckles, therefore tangling is optimally prevented. Ideally, good riding boots should cover the entire calf so that the stirrup leathers of the saddle cannot rub against the inside of the calf. In addition, riding boots contribute to a better stability and improve the grip on the saddle blade. However, they should never reach high into the hollow of the knee, as this can lead to unpleasant chafing when the knees are bent.

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TuffRider Children's Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots, Black, 3
  • Footwear by TuffRider
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  • Use for all weather

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Riding boots are usually made of leather, plastic or rubber. Allround riding boots made of rubber or plastic are ideal for beginners because they are comparatively inexpensive and offer a good grip. They are also very robust, waterproof and easy to clean. Plastic boots are slightly superior to rubber boots because they offer better flexibility and flexibility, especially in the ankle area. The favourable purchase price is a convincing argument for many parents, as children grow out of shoes and boots quickly. Therefore, often the purchase of new riding boots is pending, which can quickly lead to a high sum when choosing expensive models. Leather riding boots for children are significantly more expensive, but are also more breathable than rubber or plastic boots. On the other hand, they are not waterproof and are therefore not suitable in rainy weather. As an alternative to the high riding boots, Jodhpur boots in combination with chaps can also be chosen for leisure riders. The short boots are available from manufacturers such as HKM or buses. They are ankle-high and offer a pleasant wearing comfort and, in contrast to conventional riding boots, are also suitable for walking as they usually have a profiled sole and offer sufficient support even on uneven surfaces. As riding training progresses, more expensive models may have to be purchased, depending on the orientation. This is especially recommended if the children want to gain tournament experience.

When choosing the right children’s riding boots, the right fit, good workmanship and optimum wearing comfort are particularly important, even for small beginners. The toes should have enough space to avoid pressure points. The shaft should not be too high and should not reach into the back of the knee. At some point, most children dream of taking part in a horse show. Here, special requirements are often placed on the right riding clothes, which usually include white breeches and a riding jacket. With increasing ambitions, the purchase of special tournament boots, which are often made of black leather, can also make sense. Dressage boots have a stiffened shank on the outside and a softer inside for better contact with the horse. For small show jumpers with tournament ambitions the purchase of high-quality show jumping boots is meaningful. They are much softer than dressage boots and offer better flexibility. In winter, special winter riding boots can be a good purchase, so that the children do not freeze and can also pursue their hobby in the cold season. The lining with thermal material protects against the cold and the outer material insulates against cold draughts.

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