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Receivers are compact devices that decode picture and sound signals and transmit them primarily to televisions. More modern versions receive digital programmes that are transmitted via cable, antenna or satellite. Devices equipped with a CI+ slot can be used in conjunction with a suitable smart card to bring encrypted content to the TV screen. We present the functions, possible uses and features of modern CI+ receivers.

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Television & Home Cinema: CI+-Receiver Video Guide

CI+ is a technical evolution of the previous CI standard, designed by television manufacturers such as Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony. With the new transmission and encryption technology, Sky and HD+ offer their high-resolution programs. Some cable operators also use CI+ technology to distribute certain broadcast content. An important prerequisite for reception is the smart card, which can be integrated into suitable CI+ receivers.

The combination of smartcard and CI+ receiver allows you to enjoy certain content that is decrypted by the device. So you can enjoy chargeable TV channels that providers make available. Depending on the type of reception, different CI+ receivers can be used. In addition to cable and antenna variants, manufacturers also offer equipment for satellite reception. Often the latter devices are equipped with a smartcard for HD+ reception, which works free of charge for six months.

With a certified HD+ receiver, you can not only receive, but also record high-definition content. Some versions have integrated hard disks on which films or series episodes are stored. Thus Panasonic manufactures at present the DMR-BST950EG CI+ Receiver, which possesses a non removable disk with two Terabyte storage place. Other models have ports so that external hard disks and data sticks can be integrated. The data is stored externally. However, they cannot always be transferred to computers.

You can interrupt the program at any time with an HD+ receiver because data is buffered in the internal or external memory. However, the so-called timeshift function is limited to 90 minutes for most TV providers. Forwarding and rewinding is often only possible in speed steps. There are restrictions on the inclusion of Sky content, which is also up to the provider. Customers need a specific receiver, which is provided by the pay-TV provider.

Modern CI+ receivers receive data that is sent via cable, antenna or satellite. The data is converted in the devices and transferred to suitable terminals. The manufacturers use the HDMI port for this, which they integrate into their devices. This allows high-resolution images to be displayed on the TV screen, which is connected with an HDMI cable. Further connections for the integration of hard disks are an important feature of the devices. Better versions have at least two USB ports that comply with the current 3.0 standard. Other variants have only one input, which doesn’t bring the tempo of these USB ports. Particularly attractive versions have a WLAN interface or at least an Ethernet port, so that integration into the network is possible. Because many CI+Receivers have an integrated UPnP server, certain media can be streamed over the devices. One example is the Technisat TechniStar S2 satellite receiver, which can also be used for streaming.

Better versions work as modern media players that play common file formats. So the Edision Piccollo 3in1 plus receiver can play back files in MPEG2, MPEG4 or AVI format. Like its competitor, the HRK 8740 CI+ receiver from Xoro, it even processes MKV containers. Photos and music can also be played back via such receivers. TV reception remains the most important function even with such devices: digital transmitters are transmitted to the TV set in high-resolution quality. The fact that the enjoyment of high-resolution content is made possible by CI+Receivers convinces many consumers who want to use additional content of the devices. CI+ receivers bring Bundesliga football, current blockbusters from Hollywood or modern series onto the TV screen. Some variants also score with additional functions, so that they can also be used as media players. The recording function allows content to be stored permanently. Lossless recording with USB media is possible with better CI+ receivers that integrate well into the media architecture.

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