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A clear broth is nothing more than a liquid that can consist of different ingredients. Depending on the intended use, vegetables, bones, etc. are boiled with water during production. Through osmosis, the substances from the ingredients get into the liquid. Especially the clear broth consists of either a bunch of soup green (carrots, parsley root, celeriac, leek) and the addition of 1 onion. If it is a beef broth, still 1 kg of ox leg slices or beef bones with boiled in water. We often use the Instant Clear Broth in German households. This is available in the form of pressed stock cubes or in flaky form in tins. However, these instant broths mainly consist of salt, seasoning, fat and flavour enhancers and do not do justice to the homemade clear broth at all. This type of clear broth is available in every supermarket. There is also an organic version of the clear broth. This is not only suitable for vegans, but also for people who do not tolerate certain components of food well or not at all. This clear broth is gluten-free, lactose-free, contains no celery, no yeast and has been seasoned with non-iodized rock salt. It is a pure vegetable clear broth, in which the ingredients also come from organic farming. This means that they are also free from animal and hardened fats. This clear broth also does not contain flavour-enhancing additives

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A clear broth can be used for many purposes in cooking. The classic form of use is for soups and sauces. You can also cook fish, vegetables, meat and poultry in a clear broth. They retain their minerals and simply have a much better taste than if they were just cooked in salt water. Using the instant version saves a lot of time and money. However, it is not only used in private households, but also in restaurants and canteen kitchens. A star chef, of course, cannot afford to use an instant clear broth. You can only taste the difference to the homemade clear broth, you can also see it. Because the homemade clear broth. This is quite clear with the vegetable variant. Because there you can still see the slightly larger and above all soft residues of the soup green used in the homemade clear broth. In general, the Clear Broth gives dishes the right flair and also saturates them.

Classic dishes prepared with a clear broth are the alphabet soup (popular with children). In Asian cuisine many clear broths are used. And also elsewhere in the world one knows the preparation of dishes on the basis or with the help of a clear broth. Depending on the region, inserts of pancake and marrow dumplings are also very popular. A poultry bouillon is a clear bouillon with an insert of poultry strips. There is also a French version with egg stitch and chervil. Furthermore, there are many other recipes or dishes for which a clear broth is needed or is more reasonable in taste than just salt water

The self-preparation of a clear broth does a lot of work, but the taste result is better than with the instant version. You can choose these if you’re in a hurry to cook.

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