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Cupping with a cupping glass is a very old form of therapy, which was already used 3,000 years ago by Greek and Egyptian doctors. The Chinese also use cupping in a modified form with the aim of activating life energy. In Greece, cupping was so popular that cups stood for medical art. Even today cupping is successfully used for pain, tension and many other complaints. What is a cupping glass? A cupping glass, also often referred to as a cupping head, is a spherical glass vessel that has a small opening with an outwardly curved rim. Optically it reminds a little of a bell. It is used for cupping. This is a form of therapy in which the cupping glasses are attached to the skin by means of negative pressure. These are warmed up beforehand. During the cooling process on the skin, the air inside the cupping glass contracts so that the desired negative pressure is generated. The aim of negative pressure is to drain off harmful substances in the body, stimulate metabolism and blood circulation as well as the flow of energy in the body and release blockages. Despite the pressure build-up, the treatment is painless because the edges of the cupping glass are completely flat. The cupping method basically uses cups of different sizes and diameters. Small models start at a diameter of just under one centimetre. These small cupping glasses are used, among other things, to relieve wrinkles in the eye and lip area. The large-area therapy form with cupping glasses with a diameter of up to 6 cm is used for the treatment of back, bottom and legs. There are three types of cupping therapy: dry cupping, bloody cupping and cupping with oil.

– Bloody cupping: Before the cups are applied to the skin, it is almost scratched with a blood lancet. The negative pressure draws some blood from the small cuts. This method is used especially for acute pain. At the same time, it also achieves very good results in this area.

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– Dry cupping: Here the cups are placed directly on the untreated skin. It is used as a preventive measure or for chronic complaints.

– Cupping with oil: Here the cupping glasses are placed on the skin which has been oiled beforehand. This in turn has the advantage that the cupping glasses can be moved during use. This should result in a stronger effect than with a classical massage. What types of cups are there? Grob distinguishes between cups with and without suction ball. The following overview shows what their difference is:

– Cupping glass without suction ballThe vacuum of these models is generated with heat. The glasses are heated from the inside with a cotton ball immersed in alcohol, which is ignited and put into the glass for a few minutes. Once a certain temperature has been reached, the cupping glass is applied to the skin.

– Cupping glass with suction ball These models are equipped with a pump that is operated manually. When cupping with these cups, they are first placed on the skin and then the air is drawn out of the glasses with the help of the pump. This creates the desired negative pressure. Thanks to the suction ball there are many advantages in the application. This means that the vacuum pressure can be varied and the application is very pleasant and noiseless. In addition, the cupping glass with pump can also be used without outside help. It is also preferred for couple massage. How can you recognize a high-quality cupping glass? Cupping glasses are now available from many different manufacturers such as Lupi, Lauschaer Glas or GMMH. When buying a cupping glass, quality and workmanship are of course important. If you are not yet familiar with this area, you should consult current test and experience reports in order to obtain initial suggestions. The cupping glasses from Lauschaer Glas, for example, but also the real glass cupping glasses from PULOX have good ratings.

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