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  • Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 6fl oz
  • 6oz
  • Eliminates nipping and cutting
  • Saves you time
  • Ideal for manicures, pedicures and artificial nails
  • Dissolved Hangnails and Cuticles
  • Breaks excess cuticles in seconds
  • Easy to use and Fast Acting
  • Why waste your time pushing back hard cuticles with pushers,...
  • Cuticle trimmers, cutters can damage the cutcile and cause...
  • Dissolve your hard to remove cuticles fast and easily so you...
  • cuticle remover
  • blue cross
  • cuticle lotion
  • Blue Orchids Cuticle trimmer features surgical-quality,...
  • Blue Orchids Cuticle cutters offer great grip for cutting...
  • Blue Orchids Cuticle remover is made from premium brushed...

The cuticle is as inconspicuous as it is important. To the complete nail care program counts absolutely also the cuticle. It is often neglected, although it has an important protective function. Perionychium or Perionyx refers to the part of the skin that lies against the so-called nail wall and is visible on the nail plate. It prevents the penetration of bacteria or fungi and is very sensitive. An injury can develop quite painfully up to a nail bed inflammation. The nail growth is negatively impaired. Taboo are irritations by nervous Traktieren just like wrong or no care at all. A small injury is quickly alleviated by applying a wound and healing ointment. Only a healthy and intact cuticle can fulfil its intended function and in the optical interaction with the nails give an aesthetically maintained overall picture. Use suitable utensilsThe use of cuticle remover is practical. It guarantees a careful manicure with a long lasting result. Protruding, dead or horny cuticles as well as stubborn skin remnants are quickly and gently removed. The liquid is applied to dry skin using the integrated brush or drop dispenser. After a short application time, maximum 1 minute for calluses, the cuticle is carefully pushed back from the corners to the centre with a flattened manicure stick. Alternatively, rosewood and birch wood sticks can be used. Cotton swabs are also suitable as a replacement for spatulas, sliders or scrapers. Finally, rinsing with lukewarm soapy water is sufficient. A wide range of different cuticle removers for hand and foot can be found in drugstores, pharmacies and online shops. Pack sizes of approx. 14 ml or 50 ml vials are commonly used. The inscription cuticle-remover means nothing else than cuticle remover. In addition to the brush integrated in the cap, 2-in-1 cosmetic products with integrated pressure tip offer a utensil that pushes back softened cuticles. Cuticle remover also presents itself in a modern, safe pencil shape before leakage – ideal for your handbag, on the road, or when travelling. Conventional, vegan, organic & ecological productsRKR Idea Cuticle Remover is a brand that has been proven for 50 years. Praised and loved by customers: the pink Emmi cuticle remover. Instructions for use such as not to bring hands into contact with eyes during use, use no more than twice a week and do not apply to sensitive skin, danger of blindness, keep out of the reach of children give reason to think about ingredients used: aggressive lye, alkali, raw materials based on mineral oil, synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. USA’s No. 1 Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover balances with intensive caring jojoba, kiwi extract and wheat protein. Natural cosmetics manufacturers offer moisturizing cuticle removers that contain only or predominantly natural ingredients: nourishing almond, jojoba, coconut and soybean oils. They are dermatologically tested and mostly additionally certified. Manufacturer Weleda prefers pomegranate seed oil with an extract from Calendula. Alverde presents a cuticle remover pencil with valuable oils and marigold extract. No matter for which means the decision is made, after opening it should be used up within 24 months. Show your hands and feet! cuticle remover is suitable for the care of natural nails. Regular use makes the not advisable cutting of the cuticle superfluous. Gels and varnishes adhere better to nails freed from cuticles. Product tests and customer experience facilitate the choice of the right cuticle remover. What applies to the hands also applies to the feet. If the feet are included in the care not only in the sandal summer, the expenditure keeps itself within limits. Always check the skin and nails for changes during hand and foot care. Dry skin tends to crack! Anyone who often handles hot water or chemicals at work or at home is better off wearing rubber gloves as a preventive measure. Also acetone in the nail polish remover is aggressive and dries out the nails and cuticles strongly. Cream and nail oil help to keep them supple between care cycles. Apply oil or cream along the nail bed and cuticle and massage in gently. If the cuticle remover was accidentally not on the shopping list, lukewarm olive oil or a half packet of gelatine dissolved in warm water can achieve a similar effect. Immerse the nails for 5 minutes and treat the softened cuticle with caution.

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TOP 5 Cuticle remover Bestseller

ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator, 4 oz
  • Eliminates nipping and cutting
  • Saves you time
  • Ideal for manicures, pedicures and artificial nails
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, 1 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Removes stubborn calluses, hangnails and cuticles.
  • Amazing gel formula melts-away and breaks-down excess cuticles.
  • Dissolve cuticles in 15 seconds.
  • Sally Hansen remover cuts your manicure time in half.
  • Contains moisturizing aloe and chamomile to condition and soothe.
Cuticle softner gel, cream, oil for easy cuticle removal. Cuticle remover for manicure and pedicure treatments. Better than cuticle nippers, cuticle cutters, and cuticle oil.
  • Why waste your time pushing back hard cuticles with pushers, nippers, cutters and oil. Softens to remover the cuticle within 15-90 seconds.
  • Cuticle trimmers, cutters can damage the cutcile and cause painful peels and cracks in your skin.
  • Dissolve your hard to remove cuticles fast and easily so you can prep your nails for manicure and pedicures.
  • Apply our cuticle softener to your nail bed. Allow to sit for 15-90 seconds, push back with your nail or orange sticks and allow the remover to dissolve your unwanted old cuticle skin.
  • Nail pusher are not enough! You need a dissolver like our cuticle oil, gel, cream to soften and dissolve. Its like a 3 in 1.
BLUE CROSS Cuticle Remover 32oz
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