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Providing first aid is always important in order to minimise fatal secondary complaints in dangerous situations. One of the most common causes of death is sudden cardiac arrest. If cardiac arrest occurs, the likelihood of survival is very low. Of course, age and state of health always play a significant role. In older people, a sudden blockage of the coronary arteries is often the cause of cardiac arrest. In such a case, a blood clot shoots the vein and prevents the heart muscle from getting blood. The natural pumping function is thus impaired and the heart muscle twitches without transporting blood. In medical circles, this is also referred to as heart filming, where every minute counts. Rapid action is considered essential in such a case

For fainting patients who cannot feel breathing, heartbeat or pulse, the emergency call must be made immediately. The rescue forces on site then take over all the necessary measures to reactivate the heart functions. Paramedics or rescue workers use functional defibrillators that generate an electric shock. Today, such defibrillators are also used in many sports facilities and companies so that first-aiders can provide immediate first aid in emergencies. In a professional first aid course the handling of such a defibrillator is explained. For this reason, it is advisable to take such a course or a refresher course in order to be able to provide targeted assistance in the event of a need. Today these defibrillators are also offered for sale. Under the category of the same name you can choose between different models of well-known manufacturers. The detailed product descriptions can be very helpful.

The TELEFUNKEN lay defibrillator, for example, is a well-known device and equipped with an emergency doctor information button. This defibrillator from TELEFUNKEN has an integrated emergency set equipment. The visual and linguistic instructions for the first-aider can already help to save lives. Further information about this product can be found in the detailed description.

But also the Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 defibrillator proves to be indispensable in an emergency. This unit comes with a carrying case that provides additional storage space for spare electrodes or batteries. In addition, this defibrillator is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap. The Rescue Ready display and the expiration date of the electrodes are visible at all times. This unit can be used with all Powerheart automatic and external defibrillators.

The first aid emergency backpack from Team Impuls NFA should not be missing in any clubhouse. This R nylon mateu bag is made of first-class and robust nylon material and equipped with white reflective stripes. Whether sport events, events, construction sites, excursions or outdoor activities, this backpack should never be missing. It contains, for example, instant cold compresses, fixation bandages, a life blanket, cooling spray, an automatic blood pressure monitor, a respiratory mask, head bandages and plasters. But you can also find disposable gloves in various sizes, burn compresses, a bone fracture splint and disinfectants in this backpack.

Of course there is this and still further emergency equipment and the columns of the same name. First aid defibrators, medical devices, first aid kits, disposable medical masks or oximeters are just a few examples. All products from these areas are also provided with detailed descriptions.

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Best Defibrillator
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