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Watching TV wirelessly on your computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone, regardless of location, works with a DVB-T stick. This is available at a reasonable price and fits in every trouser pocket. It provides easy access to the TV programme, whether in the park, on the beach, while barbecuing, in the car, etc. There are no running costs for data transmission.

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Television & Home Cinema: DVB-T stick Video Guide

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DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast – Terrestrial) is a digital broadcasting standard that replaced the television signal via antenna (analogue) a few years ago. The receiver parts have become smaller and smaller with the advancing electronic development. This means that a complete DVB-T receiver can now be accommodated in the housing of commercially available USB sticks. The stick is small, compact and light. The special feature of the DVB-T stick is its versatility. For just a few euros, the PC, laptop etc. can be converted into a TV, which provides a multitude of additional functions. EPG, network integration and recording are just some of the options available.

Installation and use are also very simple. It is plugged into a USB slot, the driver installs itself, the TV software included in the scope of delivery is installed and the television pleasure can begin on the notebook, tablet or PC. The TV receiver is now ready for use. No great PC or software skills are required for commissioning, which takes no longer than ten minutes. The picture quality and the signal stability of a DVB-T stick are considerably better than those of an analogue receiver, despite the smaller antenna area. The conversion to digital signals also has the advantage that many more transmitters can be accommodated within one frequency. The following set is recommended: DVB-T USB stick / Realtek chip with remote control and antenna / for Windows 7, 8 and 10 This DVB-T set is the ideal TV tuner at an affordable price, including remote control, DVB-T antenna and media software. This provides the best DVB-T television reception in stick format for the PC or notebook. The very high variability is a great advantage, since television reception is possible at almost any location. The USB stick can also be operated with the integrated coaxial antenna socket on the house antenna to access a strong reception signal. The stick can also be used together with active DVB-T antennas. With this set it is also possible to watch time-shifted TV, what happens with the timeshift function, use the channel preview and read teletext

* Size of the stick

Before buying, you should consider where the stick will be used. With a stationary PC, the size of the stick does not play such an important role. If the stick is to be used on a laptop while on the move, a small and compact model should be chosen. This not only facilitates handling, but also minimizes the risk of getting stuck with the connected stick or antenna, which can lead to damage to the TV tuner or USB port. However, it should be borne in mind that an extremely small DVB-T stick cannot provide such good reception performance. Due to the compact design, the installed tuners are also smaller and therefore less powerful than with a larger stick

The DVB-T stick must also be compatible with the respective hardware connections. The USB standard should therefore be checked in advance. Newer standards such as USB 3.0 are not downward compatible

Compatibility with different operating systems is equally important. In addition to an antenna, the accessories ideally also include a remote control, as this provides a real TV feeling

The TV software should also be included, and the recording and timeshift functions are very convenient.

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Best DVB-T stick
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