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Applying cream after a shower can turn into a somewhat tedious affair – unless you have the right cream remover at hand. Finally, there are some areas of the body that are difficult to reach by hand. This applies primarily to the back. People with back problems in particular often have to apply cream to their back. And without the cream help this is difficult or even impossible for such people to do.

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The creme aid is an important aid for many people in everyday life. This enables easy and problem-free application after showering. If you have back problems, applying cream to your back and legs is usually a bigger problem than expected. The cream application aid makes it easy to apply the cream to areas of the body that are otherwise difficult to reach, so that the cream application runs without any obstacles. Meanwhile there are many manufacturers of the creme aids. There are also different versions and different models, so that you can choose the right model for your own needs. Usually, the cream applicator consists of a massage attachment or cream pad, pillow or sponge, which is attached to a long handle so that all areas of the body can be reached unhindered. The cream is simply applied to the single cream cushion or the massage attachment, depending on the model, is filled with the cream. In many cases, the cream application aid can also be used to distribute the shower gel more easily over the entire body

The cream application aid with massage attachment enables not only uncomplicated cream application but also a massage. This is because the massage attachment usually has rotating massage balls. People with back pain benefit most from it. It can also be used effectively for cellulite to promote blood circulation in the connective tissue while applying cream to the affected areas. Such a creme aid is simply hung up after use to stow it away. Otherwise, the cream application aid can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning if necessary. A good example of this is the Body Creamer from Behrend Homecare. This cream application aid consists of four parts: the handle, the cream container, the massage rollers and the lid. The cream is either added to the cream holder or applied to the rollers. After use and until the next use, the container is protected by the lid with massage rollers. Otherwise the Eincremehile is cleaned very simply.

In addition to the cream application aid with massage rollers, there is also the cream application aid with a pad or sponge. This is an excellent alternative for people who may find the massage rollers uncomfortable and prefer a gentle application. Instead of the massage rollers on the cream container there is a pad or a sponge on the handle. The sponge distributes the cream very effectively and gently and can simply be replaced with a new one as needed. A good example of such a creme aid is the Vitility creme aid

Before buying the cream remover, one should think about the purpose for which it is to be used. If the creme aid is also used as a massage aid, a creme aid with massage rollers is more recommended. For people with sensitive skin, seniors and children, the cream remover can be selected with a gentle sponge. The length of the handle is also selected according to the field of application. People whose movement when applying the cream is rather limited and who use the cream remover to apply the whole back cream should rather reach for a longer handle. For people who only use it to apply cream to the neck and shoulders, it is sufficient to use a cream remover with a shorter handle. It is also advisable to choose a dishwasher-safe cream remover so that you can enjoy your cream remover for as long as possible and clean it frequently and easily. Since it can happen that the application aid falls out of your hand and hits the hard floor, it should be as robust as possible in order to survive the case unharmed. Because inferior products usually shatter on the floor because they are made of inferior plastic.

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