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Food is a pleasure, who has hunger, should not only feel full, but also feel good. Whether fish, meat, vegetables or salad, it depends on the right dressing. Special side dishes, such as salads, are often served with a much too powerful dressing, which falsifies the actual taste of the healthy side dish and is often difficult to digest. If you like something special, if you want a fine, yet intensive spice, you should consider Crema di Balsamico vinegar. The aroma of the vinegar not only makes a good salad, but can also be used to refine sauces, vegetables and cheese. The fine sweet and sour taste is based on white Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes and the Crema di Balsamico vinegar originates in Italy. If you want to enrich your salad with fruit and give it a very special note, this vinegar is the be-all and end-all of a successful menu. Crema di Balsamico vinegar is dark brown in colour and is aged for several months in different types of barrels, depending on the type of wood that contributes to the taste of the vinegar

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The special Crema di Balsamico vinegar can also be used to refine fruit such as strawberries. The velvety taste gives the fruit a special note. Giuseppe Giusti Aceto Balsamic Vinegar not only impresses with its beautiful appearance, but matures for more than 10 years in wooden barrels made of noble wood species and several hundred years old. Also the Modena balsamic vinegar Oro Due Vittorie, which is produced in Sorbara in Italy, captivates by its optics and is manufactured without additives. This vinegar is stored in oak barrels and is viscous. In order to refine the aroma, black cherries are added, which make the taste of the vinegar a real pleasure. The Crema di Balsamico vinegar from Casa Rinaldi also scored well in the test. This dark vinegar is particularly suitable for fish dishes, as well as meat and salad can be refined with it. Anyone who wants to prepare unusual dishes, who values a special spice, should fall back on Italian dressings

Particularly in this day and age, care should be taken to conjure a product that is as genuine and natural as possible onto the table. In times of genetic manipulation, it is important to have as little chemistry as possible on your plate. The Aceto Balsamico BIO di Modena from Grandma Lu is a pure organic product and is produced without colouring. It is produced only from the best grapes of the region and gives the food a unique taste. The Il Tinello from Il Borgo del Balsamico, which also goes very well with wheat bread thanks to its fruity note, is also a culinary highlight for the taste buds. Crema di Balsamico vinegar should always be stored in a cool place. In its country of origin, Italy, this special vinegar is often served with cheese to soak it in. But not only starters become a pure pleasure with it, also pure it is drunk to help the digestion on the cracks. Beef and Crema di Balsamico vinegar go particularly well together. Add a little vinegar to the pan and the meat becomes a real treat for the palate. The traditional Crema di Balsamico vinegar is subject to strict criteria and those who like the special are in the right place with this dressing.

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