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Are there really differences between filter bags? Well, it is indeed worth taking a second look at the seemingly unimportant utensil. A closer look reveals that Frahling lovers could optimize the taste after all. And those who love their coffee in the morning will therefore want to opt for good quality filter bags

The classic way of making coffee is still in great demand by many people. Porcelain filter on the cup or jug, a filter bag clean and hot water inside. A wonderful scent runs through the kitchen, the coffee can be enjoyed in a few minutes. But stop! Who’s using the metal permanent filter? Isn’t it said they change the taste of freshly brewed coffee? In fact, when comparing paper and metal, the latter does not have a positive effect on the taste, even if they offer a financial advantage, since there are no follow-up costs when buying new filter bags. Tip: If you want to avoid recurring costs, use a permanent filter made of metal or plastic. Both are washable and can be used permanently

If you search for tests on filter bags, you will not find any clear results. Irrespective of the quality, factors such as water hardness and the selection of the coffee itself are also decisive. Last but not least, the individual taste also plays the most important role when it comes to coffee. Filter bags, of course, should not leave any taste of their own in front of all the arguments. Cheap coffee filter bags, however, often have this undesirable taste of their own. This is due to the cellulose used in the production process. The best way to find out whether this creates a taste of its own is to try different filter bags at home. By the way, your own test can reveal surprising results. Especially when the tap water is very hard regionally. Who then reaches for a good filter bag and the soft mineral water from the bottle, will possibly have a completely different taste experience. The taste notes mentioned, on the other hand, are influenced by the pore size. A very small pore size, for example, is 10 µm, which is suitable for a finely ground coffee.

But also the coffee machine should not be neglected in our guidebook. Basically the same features apply here. Another feature: Good filter bags do not tear when wet. As soon as they are taken out of the machine, they should also be able to withstand the weight when full to bursting. The aroma filter is also addressed here again. Melitta filter bags in natural brown are very popular. Melitta Bentz was the first company in the world to apply for a filter bag patent as early as 1908 and is constantly working on improving the material, absorbency and aroma filter. And since Melitta knows the passion for manual coffee preparation, they still offer the porcelain coffee filter to match the filter bag

White filter bags have gone through a further production step: they have been bleached with oxygen. The production of the filter bags is subject to strict guidelines, as it is a product that later comes into contact with food. Brown filter bags, however, are unbleached. These are recommended, because valuable water is also needed for the harmless oxygen bleaching. Ultimately, the natural size of the filter bags is important. It is therefore advisable to pay attention when buying a coffee machine to what size is needed or to order the porcelain coffee filter directly with matching filter bags. At the end, natural brown filter bags together with the coffee grounds may then be placed on the compost.

TOP 5 Filter papers Bestseller

Whatman 1001-125 Qualitative Filter Paper Circles, 11 Micron, 10.5 s/100mL/sq inch Flow Rate, Grade 1, 125mm Diameter (Pack of 100)
  • 12.5cm
  • Grade 1
  • Covers a wide range of laboratory applications; frequently used for clarifying liquids
  • Areas of use include the food industry, agriculture, air pollution monitoring, and gas detection
  • Widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separations
Toddy THMPF20 Paper Filter Bags, Home Model Filters, Natural, Pack of 20
  • New Toddy Paper Filter Bags make using your Toddy Cold Brew System quicker and more convenient
  • Increases the amount of concentrate yield out of every batch
  • Extends the life of your felt filters
  • Make clean-up easier than ever
  • Genuine Toddy replacement filters
Party Bargains Disposable K-Cup Coffee Paper Filters for Keurig Single Serve Filter | Pack of 300
  • MULTIPLE CUPS: Make multiple cups in a row without needing to wash your Ekobrew reusable filter between uses. Save time, serve more Use, simple cup filters Your way with your own choice of coffee.
  • EASY USE: These paper filters are easy to use and a breeze to clean up. Simply insert filter, tuck filter under
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Paper filters come sealed in a nice box protected from air exposure, making them easy to store and change-out regularly.
  • GREAT TASTE: High quality papers trap all the grounds and most of the coffee's natural oils, delivering a smoother, less-bitter flavor. Enjoy your morning coffee's full flavor without sediment at the bottom.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our paper filters are made of thicker, textured,100% biodegradable paper that holds its shape and won't tear.
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