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The fly swatter is a utensil that – as is generally known – is used to kill flying insects such as flies or mosquitoes. Especially advantageous is their non-toxic and cost-effective effect. One of the most famous and popular inventions of modern times! Small beasts like flies, mosquitoes and wasps can rob you of sleep and reason.

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The first plastic constructions of the fly swatter were made by Stuttgart inventor Erich Schumm. In 1953 he applied for a patent for his invention. Even then, the fly swatter corresponded to what we imagine it to be today. Although simple in construction, the fly swatter still challenges man’s inventive spirit today. The fact that the insects are crushed with a fly swatter is always perceived as a disadvantage. In this way, it can happen that their body fluids contaminate substrates such as fabrics or wallpaper lastingly. Developments such as fly swatters, in which the insect is killed but not crushed to prevent the fly or mosquito from bleeding, were the result. Other developments focused on the size of the fly swatter. An inventor developed a particularly small, compact form with which insects can also be “clapped” in corners or hiding places.

The development of the Utensils fly swatter goes far back into the past. The first fly swatter was a rifle-like fly swatter by Markus Heidbreder (1922). This was followed by the well-known and popular fly swatter by Erich Schumm, whose patent describes the most common form of fly swatter still in use today. In 1998 Bodo Maier registered his compact and very short fly swatter for use in corners and angles. Georg Draser developed a fly swatter that does not crush insects such as flies, mosquitoes or wasps (2004). A fly swatter handle was notified in 1996 to avoid contact with killed insects during their disposal (1996). This invention comes from Slavko Schön. Also available is a fly swatter with replaceable, air-permeable adhesive net (2003). This fly swatter with glue on the striking surface is not meant to kill, but only to catch. The invention was made by Viktor Solokow and Mariusz Nawrocki

One of the best known and most popular modern inventions in the field of fly swatters is the electric fly swatter. It is intended to counteract the disadvantages of conventional fly swatters made of wood or plastic. It usually consists of one or more round or oval electrically conductive networks. These are surrounded by an electrically insulating edge. A battery in the fly swatter handle conducts a high voltage into the network or networks. In this way, insects are killed by contact with an electric shock. With an electric fly swatter, small beasts such as flies, mosquitoes or wasps can be killed quickly and effectively – without soiling the walls. The electric flycatcher looks like a small tennis racket with a metal grid. The handle has a battery compartment for two conventional R6 or AA batteries. Next to it there is a button that you have to keep pressed while hunting for the little pests. If you catch them with the racket, they are “fried” and fall to the ground – at about 1,000 volts. You shouldn’t be frightened when there’s lightning or a bang. Also it can come to the emergence of unpleasantly smelling smoke. Fortunately, this only lasts for a very short time. By the way: For humans the blow of the insect Schröters is not pleasant, but completely harmless. In order for the utensil to develop its full effect, it should always be equipped with new or fully charged batteries. Weakly charged batteries do not produce a sufficiently strong impact, so that the insect may only be injured or stunned. No use cruelty to animals! Electric fly swatters are available from many different manufacturers. The prices range between 3 and 10 Euro.

Especially in the hot, sometimes humid summertime small, humming pests prepare for the air raid. A fly swatter is a suitable defence against flies, mosquitoes and wasps. The well-formed utensil is THE means to achieve air supremacy in all situations and occasions. No matter if with or without battery operation: The striking surface of a fly swatter gives it momentum and power. Particularly popular and therefore recommendable: the insect Schröter 7901 from Geschenk-Himmel, the plastic fly swatter from Kingfisher and the electric flycatcher from Beco.

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Fly Swatter, Strong Flexible Manual Swat Set Pest Control, Assorted Colors, 3 Pack
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: made of non-toxic and odorless plastic material, harmless to your health.
  • CONVENIENT: PAL&SAM fly swattter is easy to carry or hang on the wall with hook hanging design.
  • FLEXIBLE: Lightweight (only 1 oz) and very easy to use.
  • HEAVY DUTY: The length of this fly swatters is 17.5". Long enough to swat flies even in a long distance.
  • WHY SHOULD I PURCHASE FROM PAL&SAM STORE? As so many buyers concerned, nobody expects a cheap junk.PAL&SAM cares quality more than buyers. In order to offer high cost-effective products, we never stopped searching highest quality products in most reasonable price, all products we are selling on amazon got rigorous testing. With PAL&SAM, enjoy your efficient life!
W4W Bug & Fly Swatter - Extra Long Handle 6 Pack Fly Swatters - Indoor/Outdoor - Pest Control flyswatter
  • PACK OF 6 - Extra long handle, Large head to swat any size insect, Lightweight & extremely durable design that will not scratch or ruin your surfaces.
  • Each Fly Swatter is equipped with an Extra long metal wire handle, these flyswatters measure at 20.5" inches long (almost 2 ft long), allowing you to reach even the most difficult areas were mosquito flies, spider, bugs, moth, wasp, cricket, hornet and all types of pesky flying insects like to hang out.
  • The head of our fly swatter is also designed with a thin lip, so you can scoop up your kill and throw it in the trash. The Fly swatter head measures 5" x 6" inches and is made out of a flexible yet heavy duty plastic material, this design allows you to swat all types of flies, from those small pesky house flys to those large dangerous wasps. Take back your home the safe way, say goodbye to your electric zapper and that poisonous spray.
  • Unlike many other bug traps our Fly swatters are safe and contain no toxins, you can hang it around your house or even store it in your pantry using the loop in the handle, without the worry of causing harm to your children or pets like some of the other bug catcher available.
  • The aerodynamic design of the fly swatter is built for speed, allowing you to swat that pesky bee that doesn't want to go away. The handle on the fly swatter was designed to fit into any hand, large or small. The thin sleek design allows you to hang it in your home, patio or you can store it with the rest of your bug repellent products.
ELUCTO Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control (2 DURACELL AA Batteries Included)
  • ZAP Bugs with just ONE SWAT − the ELUCTO Electric Fly Swatter is a highly reliable and powerful tool everyone should have because it will zap insects or flies in ONE SWAT only. There is no need to swing it several times in a row like it happens in the case of the 3-layered Bug Zapper Rackets.
  • Immediately Use without waiting it to Charge - Place inside 2 DURACELL AA batteries (included in the package) and this Bug Zapper Racket will start working on the spot, with no delays. There is no need to wait for it to charge each time you need to use it. You should also stop worrying about issues created by a defect battery or charger, as you can always replace the AA on your own, fast and easy. Just take and use this mosquito zapper on the stop, stopping these pesky bugs to bother you again.
  • Extremely Easy to Clean − This One Layer Bug Zapper is easy to clean after you are done using it. Due to its single-layer design, the flying insects will not be caught inside, so you won′t have to do the dirty job of cleaning them off.
  • No Environmental Safety Concerns − Forget about toxic bug sprays that are filled with chemicals and completely inappropriate to use during a barbecue or when eating outside, because they can contaminate your food or get inhaled. The mosquito zapper does not present any risks to your safety and it is environmental-friendly as well. The device is entirely made out of new ABS plastic and not recycled ones.
  • You can enjoy a 1-Year Full Warranty and even more than this − If you encounter any issues with the Electronic Fly Swatter, we will replace it or offer a refund if we cannot provide 100% customer satisfaction. Even if the 1-year warranty expired, don't hesitate to contact us if there is something wrong with your Bug Zapper and we will offer a solution for you. Choose to Eliminate PESKY BUGS for good. Forget all about bug bites and GET YOURS TODAY!
Dirza Fly Swatter Manual Swat Pest Control - Long Handle - More Thicker Weight up to 1.09 OZs/One -Durable - Colorful Pack of 5
  • MORE THICK:This fly swatter is up to 1.09 OZs/one.The thicker handle can improve your speed when you swat flies.Heavy enough to swat insects.
  • FLEXIBLE DURABLE PLASTIC:This plastic fly swatter won't scratch or ruin your surfaces. Easy to control the pest in a low cost.
  • SPACE SAVING:The hanging hook design to saving space.when you not use you can hang on the wall or other place.
  • BRIGHT COLORED:Make from bright colored plastic, you can find it when you need it in anytime.
  • HEAVY DUTY:This fly swatters are 18" length.Long enough to swat flies even though in a long distance.
Smart Swatter Fly Swatter | Picks UP The Bug w/ 904 Spikes | 2 Pack Variety | Patented & Made in The USA | Insects, Bugs and Fly Killer
  • PICKS UP BUG - What makes the Smart Swatter the best? It has 904 spikes to whack and smack bugs, the bug then gets stuck in the spikes. To remove the bug simply bang the side of the trash can and the bug will fall right in. No more playing that silly bug balance game or hide and seek. Just swat, stab, and flick them right into the trash, so your hands stay clean from guts and germs. No mess, no guess!
  • PATENTED FLY & MOSQUITO KILLER - The Original Smart Swatter is a patented fly swatter for killing mosquitoes, flies, spiders, and other bugs that annoy and invade indoors as well as outdoors. Destroy them all with confidence by using the Smart Swatter. The genius design delivers 17.9 x 4 x 0.1 inches of bug-fearing, spider-killing, fly-whapping power to get rid of icky bugs once and for all.
  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN - Our heavy duty bug swatter is the best fly, mosquito, and bug killer around. No need to buy and install electric bug zappers, or an electric fly swatter that disappoints and leaves you picking up and cleaning up afterward. Our heavy duty bug killer is made of tough, high-quality plastic designed to take lots of bug swats and whacks while you eliminate all of those pesky pests.
  • 2-PACK ASSORTED COLORS - If you wish to select your color please search for our listing by searching Smart Swatter or click the blue Smart Swatter above the title. With each order, we send a pack of two heavy-duty bug disposers for your convenience. Keep them indoors as well as outdoors, in the car, tent, or camp trailer. You can even take them on fishing trips. There are five bright colors available, including red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. Easy to find.
  • MADE IN USA - If you have wanted a mosquito swatter as seen on t.v., this is exactly what you need to win the bug war. Our patented design has a heavy-duty plastic construction to attack flies, spiders, flying insects, and other creepy crawlies. It's the best fly swatter, mosquito killer and bug eliminator ever, made with 904 merciless spikes right here in the USA for long-lasting durability.
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