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  • Pull-On | Faux Fly Front
  • Belt Loops
  • UltraGripp Patches
  • Super soft Kerrits Fabrisuede Tactel provides four-way...
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Drawcord waistband for an adjustable fit
  • Your child's perfect riding breech features a contemporary...
  • • False fly front
  • • UltraGripp knee patches
  • Lowrise
  • Ventilated
  • Pull-On
  • Mid-Zip Front
  • Technical Fabric
  • Ventilated Mesh Fabric
  • Sure to be your child's favorite, this pull on jod features...
  • • Low-rise
  • • False fly front

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Riding on a horse is a great sport, which in any case offers a lot of variety. Here, among other things, you have direct contact with the horse, which makes riding an ideal sport for animal lovers. But riding is not only a lot of fun, it also has positive effects on the human body and should therefore not be underestimated. Among other things you train your own motor skills in this way, of course, but at the same time it also depends on a well-trained sense of balance to perform complex and fast riding with the appropriate exercises. Riding is also a sport that is very popular with young people, especially girls, of course. But it is precisely here, at a young age, that the right protection is essential to ensure that no problems arise in the event of a potential accident. Very important is a girl’s breeches. In addition to protection, this has many other functions. We would like to briefly introduce and explain these and many other points around the exciting and broad topic of girls’ breeches in the following.

What should you pay attention to when buying new trousers? In principle, the selection of ladies’ breeches is also very extensive and more than large today, so that there should be the right trousers for every requirement and of course for every taste. This is actually the case on the Internet, because in online shops there is basically nothing that does not exist. Dozens of different trousers make the first purchase relatively difficult at the same time. However, the right fit is very important in any case, because this will ultimately decide whether the new jodhpurs for girls can really fulfil the desired purpose. In the best case you should always try several trousers and should not be satisfied with the famous emergency solution if you have not found the right breeches for girls right away. For this the meaning of the trousers is quite simply too big when riding.

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What functions does a modern and good jodhpurs for girls actually offer you? When people hear that a jodhpurs especially for girls is needed, many people first think of a particularly good protection. On the one hand, this is not completely wrong, but the main reasons for the obligatory use of such trousers lie in another area. Among other things, such breeches for girls have particularly soft padding on the buttocks. This is also very important, because if you have ever sat on a horse, then you certainly know that otherwise very fast clear and strong pain can occur in the appropriate places. Especially with an inexperienced rider who is sitting on a horse for the first time, this can unfortunately happen very quickly and over and over again. With a good and high-quality girl breeches you do not have to fear this however. And at the same time, such trousers fully exploit their maximum advantages in terms of mobility. The mobility also plays a very important role in riding, unfortunately it is limited by the special seat and the saddle by nature always and with every ride with the horse a little. The jodhpurs for girls counteract this a little and ensure with the special construction and the very soft materials that also your child can move safely and without restrictions.

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