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Creating optimum growth conditions for plants with a greenhouse window openerGardening is very much in vogue. But once you are captivated by this passion, you quickly feel like more. The first attempts start many hobby gardeners and gardeners on the balcony. But the possibilities offered by flower boxes and planters are very limited. Anyone who is lucky enough to get hold of a small garden plot or even own a home with an adjoining garden soon dreams of a greenhouse. Thus, the garden season can be extended by several months and the first self-grown radishes can already be harvested in April. And even for the cultivation of young plants or heat-loving vegetables, a greenhouse is the ideal place – provided that the living conditions match the requirements of the plants.

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For plants to grow and thrive, they need light, water and nutrients. These are the minimum requirements that can usually be achieved quite well in a greenhouse. The glass or plastic walls let in enough light for photosynthesis to take place. A humus soil can be procured and water is also provided by the gardener. But that alone is not enough, as every seasoned gardener knows. Every plant species has its own temperature requirements. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are very warm loving. Lettuce heads and radishes thrive excellently at significantly lower temperatures. If the sun shines, the so-called greenhouse effect ensures that it can be pleasantly warm even in winter in a greenhouse. What is very beneficial in winter and spring can be a disaster in midsummer. Then it becomes unbearably hot under the glass roof, so that the plants could be permanently damaged and destroyed. Then only thorough ventilation helps.

Most greenhouses or cold frames are equipped with skylights that can be folded up. In the simplest case, you could do it by hand. But what happens when you are not home or forgetting to air? Then all the work already invested was in vain. So it is better to install a window opener that opens the roof windows as soon as a certain temperature value is exceeded. If it gets too cool, the ingenious mechanism will close the window.

In order to open the huge skylights of large greenhouses in large horticultural businesses, window regulators with motors are often used. Sensors and electronic controls measure the temperature and switch the engine when needed. Smaller skylights are easier to open and close with the help of a hydraulic window lifter. They have a simple lever mechanism. The lever rods are stuck in a tight cylinder filled with gas or a liquid medium. As the temperature rises, the contents of the cylinder expands, the rod is pushed out and the skylight rises. Upon cooling, the medium in the cylinder contracts and the rod moves back into the cylinder. These mechanical greenhouse window openers are relatively inexpensive and work very reliably.

For smaller greenhouses and cold frames, Einhell's automatic greenhouse window opener is recommended. The window opener has a lifting capacity of 7 kg, the maximum lifting height is 40 cm. The window opener has a cylinder with gas filling, which allows the uncomplicated temperature-dependent movement. The temperature range is specified by the manufacturer with a range of 13 ° C to 34 ° C. By turning the piston, the window opener can be adjusted before first use. Since there is no electrical connection, this window opener can be used anywhere. The installation is straightforward and requires no previous technical knowledge or skilled craftsmanship. A construction manual is included.

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