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Many people swear by the use of hair tonic. This is primarily a stimulating massage for the hair follicles on the head, which promotes blood circulation and strengthens the scalp. The herbal extracts also soothe the scalp. The use of hair lotion also counteracts dandruff on the head and gives the hair back its elasticity and vitality.

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Hair tonic is a liquid that is usually based on an alcoholic solution and serves to care for, strengthen and regenerate the scalp. Anyone with a sensitive scalp should therefore take care to choose a product with a low or no alcohol content. Otherwise the head will be unnecessarily irritated or may dry out. Hair tonic offers many advantages:

* On an alcoholic basis it is well suited for greasy hair and scalp. * Other ingredients are often herbal extracts and oils, thanks to which the head is cared for and blood circulation is stimulated. * Ingredients such as sulphur, salicylic acid or birch extract in the hair tonic are used to combat dandruff. * Plant and herbal extracts make the hair shine silky and shimmer and prevent the formation of split ends that can result from dehydration. * Hair tonic is also often used for fine and thin hair to give it more fullness and strength. For this purpose, shaping components are used. The hair tonic wraps around each hair so that it looks thicker and thicker. * The hair lotion also strengthens the hair structure to help prevent hair loss. * The application can also eliminate inflammatory processes and unpleasant itching, as well as favourably influence excessive sebum production. * Hair lotion also has a cooling effect, which also promotes hair growth

The rosemary hair lotion acts as an invigorating hair tonic. It contains real essential oils as well as extracts of horseradish leaves and wall pepper. The scalp is toned and the hair is given a healthy appearance. Hair growth is positively influenced thanks to the vitalization of the hair floor.

It is not necessary to use hair lotion daily. However, if you feel fresher or better after the application, you can easily integrate it into the daily care ritual, because no side effects have to be expected. The hair on the head should be damp during use. Since the hair lotion is relatively thin and thus reaches the scalp directly, it is recommended to separate individual strands again and again and to apply the hair lotion with a spray bottle or pipette to the exposed parting and then gently massage it in. The hair tonic is not rinsed out.

Hair tonic should be an integral part of extensive care of the scalp or hair. It ensures healthy and strong hair, because the scalp is soothed and blood circulation is effectively stimulated. The use of hair lotion leads to the strengthening of the scalp, elimination of dandruff and stimulation of hair growth. When choosing the right hair lotion, care should be taken with the ingredients. Products with herbal extracts are recommended because they have a very calming effect on the demanding scalp and promote blood circulation.

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