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There are numerous inhalation solutions available without a prescription. But there is always a great deal of uncertainty here as to which complaints and which solution is the best. But this does not have to be, because there are always instructions and rules, which makes the selection a lot easier.

Saline solution can also help, but a special inhalation device is required for this, as the active ingredients do not dissolve in the salt in this way. This saline solution is an isotonic common salt whose molecules do not get into the water vapour. A further advantage of this inhalation device is that the fine mist can penetrate completely into the bronchi. This is especially important in the case of a cough that is stuck, because this way the strongly branched bronchial tubes are also reached and these can then recover again. Here, too, it is always difficult to treat the cough, which is much easier and better with a saline solution and an inhalation device. In addition, preparations against respiratory tract infections can be added to the isotonic saline solution. However, only those that have been prescribed by a doctor should be used. In this way, it can be ruled out that the wrong agent is added. Equipped in this way, the cold season is not warmer, but a cold and above all the cough is alleviated. Especially if the herbs are then immediately combined with a bath. Of course, everyone should also give the body a lot of rest so that it can then overcome the cold. However, a flu-like infection can also be persistent, making a visit to the doctor necessary. The patient can then recommend a specific inhalation solution, which is often no longer sufficient on its own. However, a simple cold and especially a cough can be treated easily and effectively.

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Herbs and essential oilsThese can be very beneficial, because the mucous membranes swell quickly. However, the hot water vapour can do this, but it doesn’t do much good with a really stuck cough. In the same way, you should make sure that essential oils are not irritating before you buy them. Because that is also possible, which of course would not bring the desired success. Herbs such as chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, mountain pine and spruce needles are particularly recommended for colds. These are not only available for inhalation, but also in many bath additives. Inhaling can then be combined with a warming bath, because a cold can cause considerable temperature fluctuations in the body. These do not have to be caused by hypothermia, but can also be a sign of fever. In addition, these herbs also ensure that the airways are free again and the cough is also calmed. So a restful sleep can then do the rest, because exactly that has always been important with a cold. For this type of inhalation, no special device is required, just a bowl, hot water and a cloth. Then the head can be bent over the bowl and covered with the cloth. The herbs have already released their active ingredients in the hot water, which also applies to essential oils. A simple way to make yourself an inhalation solution that also helps against most colds without side effects. However, with essential oils, attention should be paid to the ingredients and their effect, so that these do not further irritate the cough and the bronchi. A steam bath always brings quick help and relief, but the bed should be visited afterwards. Equipped like this the winter can come, of course best without an absolutely annoying cold.

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