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Everyone wants a firm and young looking skin. Especially the face as a figurehead should remain smooth and wrinkle-free into old age. But just like humans, the skin also changes with every year of life. Not only external influences play a role here, but the genes also have a strong influence on the condition of the skin. They determine when and to what extent wrinkles develop and whether the skin is dry, oily or normal. Intensive facial care can, to a certain extent, prevent this development, reduce skin problems and smooth out small wrinkles

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The facial skin is not protected by clothing and is therefore exposed to countless stress factors in everyday life. In addition to oxidative stress, bacteria, sweat, dirt and make-up can lead to overstraining the skin, which can result in irritation and premature skin ageing. Intensive facial care can supply the face with high-quality active ingredients. Intensive creams often offer sun protection as a basis. Because unfiltered UV radiation is considered one of the main causes of premature skin aging. Depending on the product, the sun protection factor (SPF) is higher or lower. The choice depends on whether the cream is applied in the morning or evening. During the day, a cream with a higher sun protection factor is recommended.

So-called isoflavones, which are contained in some intensive creams, are said to have a rejuvenating effect on mature skin. These are hormone-active substances obtained from plants. The secondary plant substances are also known as phytoestrogens and are used, for example, in the treatment of osteoporosis. The hyaluronic acid contained in many care products is also said to have a rejuvenating effect. It occurs naturally in the human body where, among other things, it has the task of storing fluid in the eyeball. Applied to the skin, it absorbs quickly and ensures that the mature skin can absorb and store more moisture again. This prevents skin dryness, which is common in old age.

In addition, the hyaluronic acid contained in many intensive creams has a stabilizing effect. It replenishes sagging skin and, with regular use, ensures a younger appearance. Care should be taken with creams in which the hyaluronic acid comes from an animal source. It can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people. Hyaluronic acid from non-animal production is tolerated. This is obtained from bacteria and therefore does not contain any allergenic proteins of animal origin.

High-quality intensive creams also frequently contain cold-pressed olive oil. The oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and is said to soften dry skin. Added vitamins such as vitamin A have the purpose of stimulating cell reproduction and supporting the natural repair of the skin.

For an optimal effect intensive creams have to be applied daily. This is the only way hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients can develop their full effect. However, the cream must also be suitable for the respective skin type. Intensive care is offered for dry, oily and combination skin. They each contain ingredients that are precisely tailored to the needs of the respective skin type. The selection of the right cream is important, because a product that does not suit the skin type can have the opposite effect and do more harm than good to the skin. In addition to the skin type and high-quality ingredients, a look at the list of ingredients is also important when making your choice. Some substances should not be contained in the intensive cream as they can damage the skin and are suspected of causing cancer. These include:

– Preservatives- PEG Compounds- Paraffin and Silicone Oils- Parabene Perfume

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