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In our society, this disease is still an issue that should remain taboo – hyperhidrosis. The more common name for this condition may also be known as “excessive sweating”. In the process, sweat increasingly escapes from regions such as the armpits – this is often also associated with a stronger smell. This not only reduces the quality of life of the person concerned, but is also difficult for the environment to handle. Cosmetic aids intended to regulate perspiration, such as deodorants, are no longer helpful in many cases, nor is showering several times a day. The effects of hyperhidrosis are often more severe than one might initially think: not only is it extremely difficult for the affected person to talk about it, but the symptoms of the disease also lead in many cases to long-term isolation and a reduction in personal self-esteem. Hyperhidrosis occurs in all possible age and social classes, so children and adolescents can be affected as well as adults and older people.

Iontophoresis – also known as tap water iontophoresis – is essentially intended to combat the symptoms of the disease. It can be applied to anyone from the age of six. After a little research you will soon find out that iontophoresis has proven its worth for quite some time: The prospect that the disease can be brought under control is now estimated to be up to 99 percent high

The treatment is carried out by a specific device which releases the so-called limit current. Don’t worry – this won’t hurt! At the most it tickles a little, but the worst thing that can happen is the “effect of the willow fence” – a slight electric shock – the voltage used in such a procedure is 60 volts, so it is outside the dangerous range and can be used freely to treat the symptoms.The devices from which the current flows are attached to the palms of the hands, where they can unfold their effect. It is assumed that the electrical stimulation that takes place during this process normalizes sweating within a short time – so far there are still various theses and assumptions as to why this is the case.

In principle, it is possible to carry out the complete consultation at home, but it is not advisable to do so. At least a single visit to the dermatologist is necessary in order to understand the mode of action, function and performance of the therapy, because it is of enormous benefit in any situation if you have dealt with your disease sufficiently and know where the treatment takes place and how to carry it out correctly.For the correct result a total of about ten sessions are desired – most patients handle it in such a way that they hold the first at the doctor’s office and complete the rest at home. But be careful: you always have to get a prescription for home therapy! Furthermore, once or twice a week sessions are recommended for control, but this is not a must.

The fact that the therapy is excellently suited to combat the symptoms of the disease – which is of course the most important thing – but this therapy is not suitable for researching the causes of the disease, which varies from person to person, so there is no general prescription according to which it can be treated.

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