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To conjure up a great hairstyle is often associated with a lot of effort. The Kreppeisen is very popular for styling. The crepe look, the enchanting little waves, often appears on the catwalks. But how does creping work and which factors play an important role in buying? This is explained in the following guide.

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The Kreppeisen is a heat styling device for the hair. They are provided with very many small waves. The styling product has a pincer-like housing, while the jaws consist of heating plates with a corrugated surface. If the individual strands of hair are placed one after the other between the two surfaces of the plates for a few seconds and then clamped, they are waved due to the individual shape and the high temperature until the next washing of the hair. A beautiful crepe effect is achieved in the twinkling of an eye. In contrast to curlers, however, these are small waves.

The crepe iron is particularly suitable for straight hair. Due to its structure, it fulfils the best prerequisites. As a general rule, the smoother the hair, the stronger the crepe effect. When using crepe iron, it is important to consider the condition of the hair. With healthy hair, the device can be used without hesitation, but this should not happen too often. In the case of dry, brittle or stressed hair, the use of this product is not recommended because the structure of the hair is additionally strained by the heat.

The Kreppeisen differ in terms of the heat effect and heat protection of the hair. This is one of the most important points in the selection process. Depending on how the plates are coated, the device offers the hair a smaller or larger heat protection. Also before the application a heat protection should be given to the hair, which is to be bought for example as a spray. The products contain valuable nutrients for the hair and thus offer additional care. They prevent the heat styling device from making the hair fragile and brittle. The crepe iron must not be used on wet hair under any circumstances. In addition to the heat protection, the Kreppeisen should also allow an individual temperature setting and be quickly heated. With thin hair, for example, a very low temperature and a short application of the crepe iron can prevent damage to the hair. Thicker hair, on the other hand, requires more heat. The following Kreppeisen offers a good heat protection due to the coating of the plates and fulfills the further mentioned purchase criteria: Grundig HS 5732 Hair-Styler in pink%2C%2Bpink) The creping iron enables flexible styling that provides a smooth and shiny look, shaped tips and softly falling waves or curls. The hair-friendly ceramic coating provides good protection and care. The plates ensure constant temperatures and ideal heat distribution. Temperature control is possible individually in eight stages from 140 to 210° C. Thus the crepe iron is suitable for every hair structure, also for strained and colored hair. The warm-up time is only 60 seconds. Other advantages are the blue LCD display, the temperature display, the 60-minute automatic switch-off and the separate cable compartment. Also in terms of appearance, the Kreppeisen convinces with the pink color and the crystals.

The crepe iron is an excellent styling product to change the hair look quickly and easily. In no time at all, you can create a trendy and upbeat hairstyle that successfully rounds off your styling. No matter whether in everyday life, at parties or elegant celebrations, the Kreppeisen ensures a hairstyle that becomes a real eye-catcher.

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Best Kreppeisen
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