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  • Lip liner
  • Provides longwearing definition
  • Helps lip color last longer
  • Prevents feathering and bleeding of lip color
  • Creamy smudge-proof formula prevents lipstick bleeding and...
  • Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner features a built-in...
  • Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner in clear shade can be...
  • A creamy lip liner to perfectly define lips
  • Infused with Omega 3 and Vitamin E
  • Use for contouring lips
  • TRUE INSTANT LIP COLOR: Color Statement Lipliner delivers...
  • AVAILABLE IN 8 SHADES: Choose from 8 vibrant shades...
  • CRUELTY-FREE BEAUTY: This lip pencil's luxe, matte finish...
  • Super Pigmented Lip Liner Set: 12 different colors lip liner...
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Lipliners make it possible to change the shape of one’s mouth within certain limits. With the right colour and the right skill it is possible to optically enlarge or reduce the lips. Even more important for most users is that a good lip liner simply makes the shape of the lips more beautiful. It gives them a better contour. Another function of the Lipliner is to make the lipstick last longer. A lip liner around the edge prevents the lipstick from running outwards. If a lipliner is used in addition to the lipstick, it is important to find the right shade so that the overall appearance is harmonious. But even without lipstick not every lipliner fits every woman. The suitable colour depends on the type, the shade of the skin, the hair and the lips themselves.

If you want to find the right Lipliner, then it depends above all on the purpose for which you need it. Is it about using the lip liner with a specific lipstick? Or would you simply like to cover it with a colourless gloss or lip balm? In the first case, select the color of the lip liner to match the color of the lipstick. The lipliner should either match the colour of the lipstick exactly or be a shade darker. It is not a good idea to choose the lipliner lighter than the lipstick. Because then you get an unnatural looking result. If you want to use the lip liner without coloured lipstick, make sure that it roughly matches the colour of your lips. Such lip liners move within the spectrum of rosé tones

A lipliner should always be applied in front of the lipstick. This means that you first border your lips and then fill them with the color of the lipstick. When applying, it is helpful to draw two lines. The first line runs slightly behind your natural lip contour. That is, you draw the line on your lips along your outer edge. The second stroke runs slightly outside the lip contour. If you want to change the appearance of your lips, you have the opportunity to do so here. If the lips are too narrow, draw the two strokes so that they slightly enlarge the mouth. So you run a little further out than your lip contour would actually suggest. If the lips are too large, you will also need a foundation with make-up or concealer for such a procedure. Only then can you use the lip liner in such a way that it optically reduces the size of the lips. After applying the primer, the lip liner should run slightly further inside than your lip contour dictates. If you then apply a lipstick within the new limits of your lips, you will have an optically reduced mouth. Do the same if you are satisfied with the size of your mouth but not with its shape. With a lip liner in the right colour you can achieve a lot for your good looks.

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