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The number of personal scales on the market is more versatile than ever. The most recent models were long electronic scales and body analysis scales, also known as body fat scales. However, the mechanical personal scale is still to be found and, despite the modern competitors, still enjoys great popularity among many users, which is due to the chic retro design and the simple, reliable weight determination, a long service life and energy savings. What should I look out for when purchasing mechanical and analog body composition monitors?

The function of the mechanical body analysis scales still found in many households is very simple: The scales in private use have steel springs which are tightened when the weighing plate (or pressure plate) is pressed and set the analog display in motion so that the corresponding weight is displayed. Often, a minimum load of a few kilograms has to be applied – the display starts at 0 to 10 kilograms load, depending on the model. The minimum value must only be taken into account if small children are also to use the scale. The maximum weight also plays a role for some people. This is located in the range from 130 to 150 kg. Should a higher body weight be determined, special obesity scales are available. The maximum weight and minimum weight should be based on the heaviest or lightest person in the household. Most analogue personal scales can easily be calibrated using a turning mechanism which influences the spring tension

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The design plays an important role for many people who are interested in a personal scale with mechanical determination: the simple turntable or a movable pointer meet the simple colours of the scale and are rounded off by a noble metal or plastic housing. The model is popular with all those who either prefer a simple minimalism or an upbeat retro design. The size of the display and the readability also play a role for many friends of the analogue models. With large numbers and a clearly readable display, regular weighing becomes a simple game. Some users also rely on the mechanical, analog design because of the familiarity and reliability of traditional scales

The selection of the personal scale according to the aspects of quality depends on the workmanship of the housing and a safe stand: The scale should offer enough space to enter it safely and enjoy a simple stand. Stable feet also ensure that the scale does not slip during use. A stable housing with a closed surface ensures that the scale in the bathroom is protected from moisture and humidity. The care of the mechanical personal scale is occasionally carried out with a damp cloth or with the help of a mild detergent

The alternative to the simple and proven mechanical body composition scales are digital personal scales and body composition scales. These determine the weight by electronic methods and display the result on a digital display. Body analysis scales are the evolution of the principle and measure body fat, water and muscle content through a fine tension that is passed through the body. The result is very often inaccurate, so that most manufacturers point out that body fat analysis by physicians is not a substitute for disease control. The advantage of analogue, mechanical body composition monitors is that they do not require batteries. The traditional scales can be used for a very long time and are therefore more compatible for the environment.

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