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Milking Grease is a thick cream made of Vaseline, which is ideal for skin irritations such as dry or sensitive skin, as protection against cold or for massages. The term milking fat originates from its original use. The fat cream was used to protect the teats of dairy animals. The care cream available in the trade has of course only the name in common with its original use. The care cream contains vitamins, calendula, chamomile, beeswax and skin-friendly fragrances.

As already mentioned, milking fat can be used for numerous complaints. The product is particularly popular for severe cornification of the skin surface. In the course of time, unattractive cornifications or calluses develop on feet, hands and elbows again and again. Milking grease ensures that the skin becomes soft and soft again. Afterwards, the remains of the cornea can be easily removed with a corneal plane. In winter we always have to deal with cold air. This can make sensitive skin dry and brittle and in the worst case can even lead to frostbite. The face, hands and lips are particularly stressed, as these areas are usually directly exposed to the cold. Milking grease prevents the release of heat, the corresponding skin areas are protected and remain soft and soft even in severe frost. Especially during winter sports or long walks in the fresh winter air, the skin should be thoroughly creamed with milking grease beforehand. Less known is that milking grease can also be used as sun protection. The creams available on the market contain a low sun protection factor which provides protection for at least a short period of time. However, winter sports enthusiasts who travel in higher altitudes should additionally protect their skin with a good sun cream. The fields of application of milking grease at a glance

– for cornification of the skin – as cold protection – as sun protection

However, the isolating effect of milking fat has the side effect of clogging the skin pores. Therefore the cream should be removed after the long walk in the winter air or after skiing. This is best done with a mild cleansing foam and plenty of clear water. Then simply apply the normal cream to the face and skin areas.

If you decide on a protective cream, you should also choose a cosmetic cream when choosing the right product. There is also milking fat on the market that is exclusively suitable for dairy farming. A very good product with excellent customer ratings is Dr. Förster milking fat with marigold extract. The cream is just right for dry and sensitive skin. The delicate scent of marigold is particularly pleasant with this milking fat. Those who love the scent of tea tree oil should choose the milking fat with tea tree oil from Dr. Förster. The product helps with itching and scaling skin and alleviates these complaints after only a short time. The pleasant smell of tea tree oil provides a pleasant freshness kick. The milking grease for dry skin from the manufacturer Pure Nature is especially suitable for naturally dry skin. The cream even works on extremely dry skin. Those who prefer products that are manufactured on a natural basis should choose this milking fat when buying.

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