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Large air pumps, which were permanently attached to the frame of the bicycle and carried everywhere, were reliable air dispensers when there was a shortage of air in the tyre for a short time on the way. However, today’s bikes are usually designed in such a way that there is only little space left on the frame for accessories. This is why the large air pump is often replaced by a short and lightweight mini pump, which is either attached to the frame with Velcro or rubber fasteners or taken along by hand in a jersey pocket, for example.

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Mini pumps are smaller than conventional air pumps, so more pump shocks are needed to inflate a bicycle tyre. For this reason you should decide for an absolutely high-quality and higher-priced model. This is because the pump head is usually not fixed and airtight on the valve of all too inexpensive mini pumps. With such a mini pump, you need countless pump strokes until a tire is filled. On the more expensive models, the pump head sits securely on the valve, making pumping easier.

Tip: Test a mini pump before buying to see if it meets all your requirements. If you do not have the opportunity to test the product, for example because you are ordering online, it is helpful to follow the buying judgements and evaluations of other buyers.

If you travel a lot by bicycle and do not want to or cannot pump air yourself, a combination pump is recommended. This is a mini pump with a CO2 cartridge. The content of a CO2 cartridge is generously dimensioned at 16 grams and is sufficient to inflate a tire up to six bar. Even if you opt for a combination pump, you should always choose a high-quality model. The use of CO2 gas in particular requires a pump head with a tight fit so that no gas escapes during pumping. If there should be any gas leakage, which is possible, for example, if you have not placed the pump head exactly on the valve, you can top up the remaining missing air with a hand pump.

Electric mini pumps relieve you considerably when pumping. However, these pumps are dependent on a power source and are therefore less suitable for travelling. An electric mini pump is a reasonable alternative if the pump is only used in domestic applications. For the road, however, you need a mini pump that won’t let you down when you need air for a tyre in the corridor.

The mini pump should be easy to use. This includes, for example, that the piston can be moved without appreciable resistance. In addition, the mini pump should be made of very light material. Aluminium, for example. Mini pumps with CO2 cartridges should be safe to handle. For example, we recommend a model where the cartridge is insulated. In any case, the mini pump should lie securely in the hand, which is why it is advantageous if it has grip shells. It is also advantageous if the mini pump is equipped with a flexible pump hose that can be attached as an option. With a flexible pump hose, even difficult-to-reach valves can be easily reached.

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