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Mosquitoes – what's the best way to get rid of the beasts? There are about 3000 different species of mosquitoes in the world that can stalk. There are 48 of these in Germany alone. In addition, more and more exotic species are migrating, many of which can also carry diseases. But irrelevant, whether one is stung by exotic or native mosquitoes, it is and remains at least annoying. The result is mostly the same.

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Incidentally, mosquitoes do not sting out of whim. One is only bitten by the females. They need proteins for egg production, which they absorb via the blood. What attracts mosquitoes It is clear that certain fragrances attract mosquitoes. This is above all human sweat. Also, perfumes, the own breath odor or the estrogen level of women can attract mosquitoes. Human cholesterol levels also play a role. There have long been myths about "sweet blood," which have turned out to be a nonsense. It is important and remains, which messenger sends out the affected person to the mosquitoes.

Body care and adapted clothingDa sweat odor, even the most unnoticeable by other people, plays the biggest role in mosquito bites, frequent summer showering is more than appropriate. Especially with people who could be described as mosquito magnets. These are stung for some reason more often than others. Furthermore, for mosquito bites particularly vulnerable people in the summer should not show too much skin. Because that increases the attack surface for the tormentors. Those who have taken a closer look will confirm that mosquitoes rarely crawl under garments. They are mainly found in the "public", ie on the bare skin.

Chemical mosquito repellentsThese compositions are applied to the skin in the form of sprays or sometimes even ointments and prevent mosquitoes being attracted for a certain period of time with the chemical agent used in each case. When buying one should, however, make sure that the agent contains no DEET. DEET is considered by some scientists to be a pure pesticide that damages the nerves. Especially in the case of use in children this should be considered. Those who do not want to apply the chemistry to the skin can also resort to mosquito-protection bracelets or adhesive patches. Mosquito protection bracelets are usually made of rubber plastic and contain active ingredients such as geraniol, citronella or extracts of lemongrass. Often they are very fashionable, which should please women in particular. They are available in styles from brightly colored to subtly. Further fundsWho looks around on Amazon something, it will quickly find that there are countless products offered for mosquito repellent. You can keep the beasts outdoors, for example, with UV light traps or garden torches from the balcony or terrace. In the apartment, special scented candles, or the installation of fragrance lamps with certain oils have been found to be useful. Lighting incense sticks or dried sage leaves is often just as effective. These scents have a stimulating and stimulating effect on humans, but they are more than dreadful to the mosquito. Also, mosquitoes hate the smell of lemons, mint, eucalyptus oil and cloves. Another way to repel mosquitoes is to mix some of the oils or plant leaves mentioned with an odorless body lotion and apply them to the skin. There are no limits to your own imagination.

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