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It lasts up to three weeks and is also smear- and scratch-resistant – gel nail polish, which belongs to the very big trends in the beauty sector and is an enticing alternative to conventional nail polish especially in summer. Gel varnish and normal nail varnish differ above all in the texture. While conventional coatings consist of color pigments, nitrocellulose and solvents, the modern coating variant is a gel-like mass. As a rule, gel varnishes are also more expensive than normal nail varnish, and a bottle can cost up to 20 euros. The application of a gel varnish works as with conventional varnish, but gel nail varnish dries much faster. Gel varnish is not dried in the air, but under a special LED or UV lamp. This lamp ensures that the paint quickly becomes scratch-resistant and is protected against other external influences

Often one has concerns that the application of a gel nail polish is difficult. But far from it, because if you regularly varnish your nails, with a little practice you will be able to apply gel varnish perfectly. Basically gel varnish is not used differently than conventional nail varnish. The only difference is that the varnish has to be dried under a special UV lamp after application. The extreme durability is also an advantage of gel nail polish. For normal paint, even everyday household or computer work can be a real test of stamina. This is not the case with gel varnish, which is characterised by high resistance and long durability. Gel varnish is also perfect when the hands are subjected to heavy wear, because the varnish is shock and scratch resistant. Gel nail varnish is therefore a particularly strong varnish – and not only that, because unlike normal nail varnish, gel varnish also strengthens the natural nail. The excellent durability and the special composition ensure that the natural nail is protected and the formation of cracked nails is prevented. Gel nail polishes do not impede the natural growth of the nails in any way, so that after removing the polish a strong and healthy nail appears. In addition, gel varnish is of course an interesting option if you want a long-lasting, well-groomed look

Our nails grow up to 1.2 mm per week. This leads to the gel lacquer growing out relatively quickly. However, there is this disadvantage with conventional lacquer also, with the only difference that it is not so much noticeable there. However, the gel varnish is not easy to remove, as a special acetone-containing solution must be applied for about ten minutes. However, acetone is a rather aggressive ingredient which can lead to chipped and brittle nails. If the acetone solution cannot work long enough and the nail polish is therefore removed with gentle force, this can also lead to problems – unattractive, irreparable damage can result.

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OPI Nail Lacquer, Bubble Bath
  • Fun color for both toes and fingers
  • Won't chip or peel
  • Lots of shine and seal to protect your nails and give them fabulous color
OUYAWEI Nail Polisher Nail Drill Electric Apparatus for Manicure Gel Cuticle Remover Gray US
  • Material:Easy to use speed control.
  • Automatic safety overload protection system.
  • Light weight pen design for comfortable grip and easy to use.
  • Include 6 standard bits/filing heads.
  • For everyday body care, this manicure & pedicure set is an ideal addition.
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