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Gel nails belong to the current trends of recent years and have outstripped classic nail polish. Nail gel is hardened with UV light and can be applied to natural nails or artificial fingernails. Nail studios, for example, offer a gel-based nail extension without an artificial tip being stuck to the natural nail and then treated with gel. The advantages of nail gel are based on its long durability, the attractive shine and the numerous colors for every demand and taste. Depending on the strain on the fingernails, gel nails can last up to a month and can be carried on without removing the gel layer, the groove of the growing nail is filled with gel. Especially in manicure, nail gel has established itself and developed into a must have for modern women. But also toenails can be styled with gel. For gel nails, only the desired gel, a UV device for curing and appropriate brushes for applying the nail gel are required.

Nail gel makes even artificial fingernails look authentic and natural. It lies in a layer of varying thickness on the natural nail or a tip glued underneath, depending on your wishes, and convinces with its high strength. Gel nails can be designed in various designs and lengths, different thicknesses and all imaginable designs. The hardened nail gel can be modelled with a file and, if desired, can be decorated with coloured applications and covered with a subsequent transparent gel layer. Since nail gel is used in several layers on top of each other, it creates a high stability and protects against brittle or splintering fingernails. Gel nails describe a special method of extending and beautifying the nails, which works on the basis of UV-curing gels and an appropriate UV device for curing the material. Well-groomed attractive hands are the figurehead of all women and can be achieved more easily and lastingly with nail gel than with nail polish, which often splinters at the slightest contact with a hard surface and loses its shine when exposed to the sun

With nail gel, the manicure brings some advantages and ensures long-term beautiful, stable and individually designed nails. Even if the treatment of the fingernails requires a little time and patience, the result can be seen and convinces by uniqueness. Natural nails can be extended and strengthened with gel. Artificial nails get a natural look, because the charisma of the nail gel especially in the French manicure reminds of natural nails and the fingernail does not recognize as an artificial nail. Glittering or in the form individual applications can be put under the gel on the nail and worked directly into the gel nails. The smooth surface and the possibility of filing in shape round off the result and ensure enchanting nails. Since the processing of fingernails with UV gel requires a special device for light curing, the costs are higher than with classical varnishing of the nails. However, this is the only disadvantage that can be avoided, for example, by designing your own nails and purchasing a unique light-curing device

Which nail gel convinces with quality and can be easily and long-lastingly applied to the nail? There are very different brands and offers, as well as gels in different viscosities and with different product properties. If a nail gel is too liquid, it runs and leaves unsightly traces on the cuticle and the edges. If a gel is too solid, it is difficult to process and can prevent the formation of wafer-thin layers. When purchasing nail gel it is worthwhile to refer to professional studio quality and to prefer high-quality gels. Important criteria for the purchase are the viscosity and the drying time, as well as of course the desired color of the gel. When processing several colours on one nail, it is advisable to use the same gel brand and thus ensure optimum adhesion of the nail gel to the natural nail or artificial fingernail.

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