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First the skin is slightly anaesthetized with an anaesthetic ointment. And only with this ointment this treatment is almost completely painless. But of course there are always differences between human sensations. Because every person feels and feels very differently. For some it is an easy walk, but for others it is a mental preparation. After rubbing with the special ointment, the needle roller is used. These thousand small injuries in the skin stimulate the body’s own wound healing. Thus the skin produces its own collagen which compensates for small wrinkles and makes them disappear almost completely. Of course the whole thing does not work overnight, but it is a process that lasts for months, sometimes even up to a year. But the result means fewer wrinkles, a younger look and a radiant, fresh complexion!

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– the scooter for “under your skin” The beauty trend that is currently reaching the steepest ascent. The so-called Micro Needling sticks innumerable, fine channels into our face. Some people’s neck hair is getting too high if you only think about it, but it is THE beauty trend 2016. At the beginning this treatment was only offered in our own cosmetic institutes. Meanwhile the needle roller is in almost every household. Whereby one must say however: ” this is to be enjoyed in any case with caution and should be discussed with a physician or beautician before!

There is one more improvement that makes the effect even better. Hyaluronic acid is applied to the pre-treated skin. This acid keeps the skin moist and fresh. The well-known Q10 can also be infiltrated under the skin where it can unfold its full effect. The treatment is applied to the face, décolleté and neck. And after some studies it was also found out that this treatment can also be used for genetically caused hair loss. It stimulates blood circulation, stops hair loss and stimulates the growth of hair follicles. But even this does not go from now on the same. In addition, the skin is also supplied with numerous different vitamins. And after these lines one must also become aware that this method is not actually to be used for one’s own domestic use. Often needle rollers with a needle length of 3mm are offered on the Internet on dubious sites. This length can be far too dangerous. Also the correct disinfection is usually not guaranteed. So all you can say is: NO at home – let the professionals do it YES!

There are different types of needle rollers. These differ in needle density and needle length. A perfect Dermaroller has a diameter of 20mm and a width (depending on the treatment) of 10 to 20mm. Microneedles are also between 90 and 190 pieces, depending on the treatment. The length of the needles varies between 0.1 and 0.3 mm. When buying, you must pay attention to the length and impact. It is best to inform yourself in detail during an information talk or to study a little in the “Stiftung Warentest”. The needles with the length of 0.5mm are best suited for active ingredients that are to have a more effective effect on the skin. With 1.0mm needles, the blood circulation is stimulated to such an extent that a tighter skin can be seen after only a few applications. From a length of 1.5mm you should go into professional hands. This length is suitable for scar therapy and should only be treated by a doctor. 2.5mm are used exclusively for burn scars and should also only be performed by a physician

As with any product, there are of course advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are easy to see:

No annoying pimples, blackheads or impure skin areas Scars fade almost completely with several applicationsThe stimulated blood circulation tightens the skin optimally and makes it look fresh

At the beginning the skin can be irritated and sensitive! If you do it at home, go step by step and do not treat larger batches at once

With short needles creams can penetrate more easily into the skin and provide for a more beautiful and fresher skin appearance. With longer needles you can even treat acne scars or deeper wrinkles. The number of needles is in most cases between 540 and 1200. The more needles there are, the larger the area that can be treated naturally. The needles should be made of titanium because this stainless steel is extremely robust and the needles rarely break off or become blunt

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