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Once the desire to have children is there, it is often not possible to get pregnant quickly enough. An ovulation test allows everyone to find out reliably and quickly when the most fertile days are. Ovulation tests are also often found to be called ovulation tests or fertility tests. In all cases, however, a similar method is meant here. Two days before ovulation and also directly on the day of ovulation the chance of getting pregnant is greatest. With an ovulation calculator, the calculation can help to get your ovulation on the spurt. However, the calculation in the ovulation calculator is often inaccurate if you are under a lot of stress and if the cycle is rather irregular. An ovulation test, however, can determine exactly the fertile days and you can quickly become pregnant with it.

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The concentration of the luteinizing hormone is measured in the urine. The hormone triggers the exit of the mature egg from the ovary. The LH hormone is strongly increased about 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. The ovulation test can indicate exactly this concentration. Everyone can thus determine exactly when the two most fertile days are in the individual cycle. The days are the day when ovulation occurs and the day before it. The chance of having the baby is greatest on those two days. An ovulation test usually provides an exact description of how the comparison works. The application of the comparison is always uncomplicated in any case. Best known are the first day of the last period and the average length of the cycle. Anyone can then easily examine the urine with the test strip from the 11th day of the cycle. It then only takes five minutes to know whether the LH hormone can be detected in concentrated form. If not, the comparison is repeated the next day until you have the fertile days. As a tip it can be said that you should not drink too much before the comparison and you should not have been to the toilet four hours before. The ovulation test can reliably indicate the fertile days of the cycle to 98 percent. It can be clarified by comparison whether ovulation takes place at all. It is often read that the ovulation test is a method of contraception. But be careful, because you can get pregnant after or before the fertile days. The probability is just lower and contraceptive computers are more likely to be recommended for contraception.

If you want to buy an ovulation test, you should know that it does not require a prescription. They can simply be ordered on the Internet or bought in a pharmacy. Depending on the system and manufacturer, the tests cost around 20 to 40 euros per cycle. If test sticks remain, they can of course also be used again in the next cycle. For the comparison there are different test procedures and thus test cassettes, test sticks and test strips. All three have the same goal and so 98 percent of them show approximate reliability when the fertile days are. Just like the pregnancy test, a strip or rod can simply be immersed in the urine for 10 seconds. It only takes a few minutes to read how high the LH concentration is in the urine. There are digital and classical ovulation tests. The result of the digital tests is not displayed as a line, but digitally. For example, a smiley can symbolize that the fertile days start. In the cassette procedure for the ovulation test, the urine is placed in a sterile beaker and only from a very high concentration is the LH hormone detected. The reliability of this method is therefore somewhat higher. By the way, if the comparison shows a negative result, it is very likely that you have no ovulation. It is also possible to talk to the gynaecologist, because an exact diagnosis can be made here.

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