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For many people summer is definitely one of the best times ever. Because thanks to the warm days and lots of sun, the best mood and relaxation on days off is guaranteed. It is even better in this time, if belonging to the own four walls a balcony, a terrace or even a garden. Because here you can enjoy the nice weather and spend every free minute. But especially with permanent sitting or with cozy rounds with the family, the permanent invasion of the strong sun can not only disturb, but also be unhealthy. Quick and practical remedy can be a suitable parasol here. However, this one is inadequate, for example when it is leaned against the wall, and constant adherence is also a rather bad solution. A much better alternative here is a parasol stand with wheels. But what advantages does the parasol stand with wheels offer the user? What should the respective model and what should you pay attention to when buying, so you can always keep your parasol in the desired location?

What should be considered when buying? Basically, there is little to pay attention to when buying the new umbrella stand. Because the size of the umbrellas is usually identical, so that the umbrella stand can be used with virtually all common designs. In addition, the width of the piece in which the screen is fixed, usually optimally adapt to each stand, so that a secure stand is secured.Beim purchase, you should only look to choose a model with sufficient stability. For after all, the umbrella stand must defy some burdens, including, for example, wind or shocks, as they may happen more frequently in the household with children. So that all these loads can be coped with without problems, the umbrella stands should have a large footprint. Fluctuations or the like can then be compensated. You should also make sure that the stand is relatively heavy. In general, however, you have the option of determining and influencing the weight yourself anyway. Because the umbrella stand is, at least for most models, filled manually and thus influenced the weight. Depending on the stand can be filled with water or sand. However, the filling with water is usually much faster.

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What advantages does the parasol stand with castors offer you? The biggest advantage of using the stand with practical castors is the significantly increased mobility. After all, you will certainly have experienced at least once that the umbrella stand has a relatively high weight. If this then has to change its location, for example, because of a change in light, this usually has to be done with a very high force. This high cost can be reduced by the parasol stand with rollers to an absolute minimum. Because thanks to the built-in wheels, the stand can be moved even with very little effort despite the very high weight. Even a transport over an uneven surface, for example, over the own lawn in the garden, is of course no longer a problem. Even children and teenagers can easily move the umbrella stand with wheels. Also, if the stand is to be taken, for example, on a trip with the whole family, the roles are a great advantage, since the mobility through these can be significantly increased.Of course, the parasol stand with wheels also offers the opportunity to align the screen optimally , Since the sun is constantly moving and thus the incidence of light is constantly changing, this is very important in order to ensure optimal protection at all times. If the own sunshade is then anchored in the stand, this can not only turn completely without any problems, but if necessary also be adjusted in height. A fixed lock is of course possible, once the screen is properly aligned. An annoying movement of the screen can thus be prevented directly and reliably.

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Best Parasol stand with castors
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