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  • A GIFT FOR BIRD LOVERS: Attract wild birds to your patio,...
  • DURABLE AND PRACTICAL: This bird feeder tray is crafted from...
  • NO MESS, NO SPILLAGE: The raised edges prevent the seeds...
  • HOLES FOR FEEDING - This feeder tray features 28 feeding...
  • PROTECT YOUR FEED - The covered top helps preserve your...
  • MINIMIZE WASTE - The plastic poultry feeder has individual...
  • EASY CAGE ATTACHMENT - This feeder is simple to install and...
  • LARGE FEED CAPACITY - Gravity design allows the feeder to...
  • Quail Base. Poultry Supplies And Equipment
  • Manufacturer: MILLER MFG CO INC P
  • Manufacturer part number: 730
  • Eight feeding holes
  • Comes With Top and Bottom
  • High Quality Galvanized Steel

Everything for animals: Quail Feeder Video Guide

Quails are special characters. Particularly when handling the food, the animals often show extremely bad manners on the day. The cunning birds like to scrape the food out and bathe in it. But the food should not be played with after all. A quail feeder prevents unpleasant eating habits.

Anyone who keeps or breeds quails will quickly notice that a feed automat helps to considerably reduce feed costs. In addition, cleaning the barn is made much easier, as the small walls no longer have the opportunity to distribute their feed throughout the entire barn or cage. Depending on the number of animals kept, a quail feeder with the appropriate capacity should be selected. Normally, there are automatic feeders that can hold 1 kilo, 3 kilo or 6 kilo of feed. A larger capacity is particularly advantageous during the holiday season. After all, the quails can live without the owner for a few days. I’m sure it’ll be easier to find a quail sitter

However, a quail feeder should be extremely robust. For as small as the quails are, they are quite strong when it comes to getting their food. To indulge their passion, the birds try everything to get the food out of the quail feeder. It’s quite possible to be more turbulent at times. The quail feeder must therefore be able to withstand a lot in order to survive over a longer period of time

Most quail feeders are made of a durable plastic material. This ensures easy cleaning. When keeping quails, hygiene must of course be taken into account. For as unseemly as the quails behave when eating, as much they expect a cleanly laid table. And of course the quail breeder wants to make fast progress with the care of his housemates. The cleaning and filling of the quail feeder should be accordingly simple

There are many different quail feeders on the market. Some models are less practical, others more. In principle, when choosing the quail feeder, care should be taken to ensure that the individual requirements of the quail breeder can be optimally met. It depends on the number of the held animals as well as on their age on that occasion. This is because quail chicks are less able to cope with a standard automatic feeder. Finally, the young animals are still too small to be able to look over the edge of most automatic feeders. Of course, the market has appropriate solutions available.

In order to get a clean quail stable, the purchase of a quail feeder is recommended in any case. The care of the lively animals is thereby extremely facilitated. Also laymen in the matter of quail breeding can stand so helpfully to the breeder to the side, should this once be prevented. The cleaning of the barn and the feed reservoir is also made easier by a practical quail feeder. Added to this is the cost saving achieved by the automatic feeder, which only ever releases a certain amount of feed. Then it may be quietly the one or other quail more, which one cares for.

TOP 5 Quail Feeder Bestseller

Ground Bird Feeder Tray for Feeding Birds That Feed Off The Ground | Durable and Compact Platform Bird Feeder Dish Size 7 x 7 x 2 inches
  • A GIFT FOR BIRD LOVERS: Attract wild birds to your patio, deck, rooftop or backyard by placing this premium quality platform bird feeder station and filling it with grains. Enjoy watching wild birds, listen to their songs and feel closer to nature.
  • DURABLE AND PRACTICAL: This bird feeder tray is crafted from heavy duty steel mesh and coated with rust-resistant black powder for maximum all-weather durability. Measuring just 7x7 inches, it is compact enough to fit anywhere including on top of your deck railing, in your birdhouse, on the roof or atop the garden wall.
  • NO MESS, NO SPILLAGE: The raised edges prevent the seeds from spilling on your deck, patio, garden, aviary, or lawn. The mesh is small enough to keep the tiniest of seeds from falling through. Two curved steel bars keep it firmly balanced and prevent it from tipping over under the weight of small birds.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND WASH: No worries if bird droppings, dust or left-overs stick to the garden bird feeder tray and make it look dirty. Just turn the bird feeder tray face down and hose off the muck. Use a bleach solution that is 9 parts water and 1 part bleach and hand wash. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth and it will be good as new.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: GrayBunny offers premium products for your lawn and patio while exceeding highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care. If you'd like your money back at any time within 30 days of your purchase, just ask. Click the "Add to cart" button to invite beautiful wild birds to your patio or deck with GrayBunny's ground bird feeder tray.
Pet Lodge Steel Small Animal Feeder with Lid Small Animal Feed Box, Hold Several Days Worth of Feed, Great for Rabbits, Ferrets and Other Small Animals (5 Inch) (Item No. AF5ML)
  • PERFECT FOR RABBITS AND OTHER SMALL ANIMALS - This rabbit and small animal feeder is perfect for many different types of small animals, it's easy to use, clean and is compatible with most wire cage types.
  • EASY CAGE ATTACHMENT - This feeder is simple to install and attach. Independent wire hooks allow the feeder to be attached to the inside of the hutch, or for a more convenient filling to the outside with some wire cutting.
  • LARGE FEED CAPACITY - Gravity design allows the feeder to dispense several days' worth of feed a little at a time, ensuring proper daily food portions.
  • EASY TO REFILL - This small animal feed box has a hinged lid. The hinged lid can be easily opened for refilling or changing feed.
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR ANIMALS SAFETY IN MIND - The heavy-gauge galvanized steel body of the feed box is whew-proof, rust-resistant. The rounded steal on the trough area of the feeder keeps your animal safe while feeding.
  • 2 Slot Bird Feeder
  • Easy To Use Design Fills From Outside Of Cage
  • Great For Quail, Pigeons, Doves, And Many Other Birds
  • Clear Easy View Hinged Lid
  • Lowest price on Amazon Period