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The lawn roller, also called garden roller, is a manually operated roller for tillage. The weight of a classic lawn roller is usually 50 kilograms. The practical garden tool is used, for example, to press seed into the ground. This compacts the soil and prevents the erosion of the young seeds by birds and other animals. A turf roller can also be used to level surfaces and remove any unevenness in the ground. Even after the verticulation and fertilizing, the turf roller is used to restore the even turf surface. After mowing, the use of a lawn roller is also useful to compensate for any unevenness. Sometimes the turf roller is also used to pattern lawns.

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High quality lawn rollers are made of steel or stainless steel. There are also models made of plastic, with which one does not achieve half as much effect. These practical garden tools are available in different widths and sizes depending on the application area. A lawn roller has a longer, bow-shaped or simple style with handle. The stem can be adjusted in height on some models. Lawn rollers are pushed or pulled. You can also move such a device through a small vehicle and so spare his physical strength. Lawn rollers, which are hollow inside, can be filled with up to 120 kilograms of sand or up to 50 liters of water if required. This achieves a higher contact pressure. A lawn roller is versatile and changeable depending on the application. Many models are also equipped with a dirt wiper. This effectively prevents the splash of mud and earth.

With a lawn roller you can create a visually perfect lawn. For the juicy green color and the density of the lawn proper sowing with sufficient seeds is crucial. Grass seed is sensitive. If it is too loose on the ground, it is difficult to hold on. Therefore, compaction after sowing is a crucial factor. There are models of lawn rollers that have a tank and thus provide the seeds even with water. Even after lawn mowing, the use of the lawn roller is recommended. The resulting patterns do not just look nice. By pressing the blades in a certain direction they are also stronger. There are big qualitative differences with turf rollers. Good quality lawn rollers are not cheap, but the investment can be worth it, especially if you want to work on larger lawns. Viewed in the longer term, high-quality turf rollers are also more stable, better to handle and longer in life.

In the lawn roller comparison and comparison, seven models were put to the test. Good value for money and high functionality were the features of both the BG-GR 57 turf roller from Einhell and the Deuba turf roller. Both models can be filled with sand or water. The lacquered metal lawn rollers are robust, stable and resilient. The Lao Varo brand turf roller, which is also suitable for filling and has a dead weight of 48 kilograms, also performed well. Well tested were the turf rollers from the manufacturer Juskys and the FX GW 30 from Fuxtec. All of these rollers have a roller width between 50 and 60 centimeters and are invariably filled with water and sand. The equally well tested lawn roller by Dema stands out with a working width of 122 centimeters significantly from the previously mentioned models. For the large roll width, however, you have to dig a little deeper into the bag. The most recent recommendation is the metal lawn roller from Greenkey, which lies behind the other models with a width of only 42 centimeters.

A lawn roller is an extremely useful garden tool that is still unknown to many gardeners. With the help of a solid lawn roller you can safely re-create a lawn and keep an already existing lawn strong and healthy. In addition, other areas such as beds or paths can be well compacted with a lawn roller.

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