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The cervical collar, which is medically referred to as a cervical support or orthosis, serves to stabilize the neck and cervical spine while at the same time restricting mobility. This is necessary for various illnesses, complaints or after accidents, such as whiplash injuries or complaints such as cervical spine syndrome. This is to prevent further and serious injuries.

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The aim of the cervical collar is to heal injuries in the area of the cervical spine. It consists of a solid core. It is usually made of plastic and is responsible for stabilising and relaxing the muscles. Depending on the reason for use, the plastic is more or less flexible. If necessary, it can be further reinforced with additional rails. A foam padding on the inside ensures wearing comfort. After serious accidents, if, for example, an injury to the cervical vertebrae is possible, a firm neck brace is applied. This is to prevent broken vertebrae from shifting and thus damaging the nerve tracts. The neck ruff can be adjusted in size by means of Velcro and thus adapted to the width of the neck. The lock is also used for fastening. The ruffle can also be worn over a longer period of time to relieve muscles and vertebral bodies.

The neck ruffs differ in shape, colour and wearing comfort. While on some models only the first cervical vertebra is relieved and fixed, other frills cover a wider neck area, partly up to the fourth vertebra. There are also neck ruffs with a chin rest. This keeps the head in the desired position and prevents it from falling forward. After surgery or in the case of severe vertebral fractures, not only the stability function is very important, but also immobilization. Rigid neck ruffs are usually used for this purpose, which is also known as a neck brace. Which neck brace is needed depends on the illness or the degree of injury. Neck ruffs are used, for example, in orthopaedics and emergency medicine, among others:

– Whiplash trauma, for example after a car accident – fractures of the upper cervical vertebrae – after surgery – damage to the nerve root – cervical spine syndrome – back or arm pain emanating from the cervical spine

Used correctly, the neck brace can accelerate the healing process or alleviate chronic complaints. In general, a doctor will order the neck brace. It can also provide information on which neck brace is best suited, how long it should be worn and whether it can be taken off at night. The neck brace should not squeeze or hurt when worn. Usually an accompanying physiotherapy is useful. When the frizz can be removed, it is also used to strengthen weakened muscles and restore mobility.

The ruff is available in different types, types and shapes. It serves to relieve and stabilize the cervical spine. Depending on the injury, a variable or adjustable model can be used. There are also more flexible or less flexible models. In some cases, this allows complete immobilization of the cervical spine. Each frill can be adapted to the neck length, since a standardized neck frill is very rarely required.

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