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Especially fake blondes know how valuable a silver shampoo can be. The purple-grey hair shampoo combats a yellow tinge in the hair, which many women get angry about after dyeing. However, the silver shampoo is also popular with trendsetters. In the following it is explained how it works and how it is applied.

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The silver shampoo is often used after dyeing malts if the hair has a yellow or orange tone. This undesirable effect can be corrected with the hair shampoo, because violet colour pigments are added to the product in addition to other substances. How intensively the silver shampoo works depends on the pigment concentration it contains. The higher the proportion of violet pigments, the more effective the effect. But also women with successfully blonded hair like to use it, because it can give the blonde a cooler shade. This often looks as if a grey veil has been dyed into the platinum blonde. The natural blonde tone of the hair can be spiced up in this way. Again, the shampoo can give grey hair a silver tone and a shimmering shine. The application possibilities of the silver shampoo are manifold.

The shampoo has neither a discolouring nor a lightening effect. Only unwanted yellow tones are removed from the hair. This is done by neutralizing with the color purple. This results in a brighter color image. Violet is the complementary colour to yellow. When these two pigments mix, they neutralize each other. This means that the violet pigments of the shampoo deprive the yellow pigments in the hair of their luminosity. They appear brighter and less yellowish overall. This makes them appear cooler and silvery. The yellow cast in blonde hair is reduced, so that it becomes significantly less visible. After application, the blonde also shines in a great shine. Even after a few weeks the hair colour still has an intensity, as if the hair had just been freshly dyed. The violet pigments are wrapped around the hair shaft like a coat and are washed out again after some time. The silver shampoo is also particularly gentle. It prevents the hair from breaking off or drying out

The silver shampoo Swiss-o-Par Silver was specially developed for grey or blond hair. Thanks to the intensive violet active ingredient, an unwanted yellow tinge in the hair is eliminated. White or white-blonde hair is given a subtle silver sheen and a lively beauty. The hair is foamed with the silver shampoo. The application is the same as with a conventional shampoo. The care product is massaged into the damp hair. The reaction time is one minute. The shampoo is then thoroughly rinsed out. A staining of the skin is excluded. After drying, the hair appears less yellowish. To intensify the result, the hair wash can be repeated if necessary, as the effect increases with repeated use. The shampoo contains no silicones. For perfect care, a conditioner should be applied after each wash of the hair, which is adapted to the hair type.

The silver shampoo is a blessing especially for all women whose blonding failed due to a yellow tinge. The shampoo removes this by fading excess artificial yellow pigments. The shampoo also works wonders for smokers whose hair has already yellowed due to cigarette smoke. Even those who want a cool platinum or ice blonde will be well advised. The same goes for women who want their hair to turn grey. A big change does not become immediately noticeable after the first application, but after some time a clear difference is noticeable.

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Best Silbershampoo
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