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Gone are the days when photos = old memories can be found on slides. However, this does not mean that many people who still come from this time would throw away their old memories. Be it the remains of the deceased grandma on slides, old childhood memories and more. Slides are no longer always part of modernity, but they do offer a variety of special features that you should definitely have a look at. But how should you play slides nowadays with digital cameras & Co – that is not possible! However, there is currently a new trend towards slide projectors and on this occasion it was all the more important to find a short guide here to inform you what is important when buying.

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A slide projector can be different in price. It should be noted, of course, that current discounts, price reductions and offers cannot be dealt with here. These vary, are variable from specialist dealer to online shop, so that these should not flow into the price segments. What is certain, however, is that good slide projectors can already be purchased for an average of between 50 and 200 euros. This is a possible average for the price segments where slide projectors can be found in any case. Of course it’s also more expensive, but the budget has to be in line with your own ideas.

Here the World Wide Web is recommended like almost everywhere meanwhile. There may be one or the other local dealer, but it may be noted that the prices are usually much more expensive locally than on the Internet. For this reason, we recommend that you buy the slide projector directly in the WWW, because the selection there is many times larger than elsewhere. In addition, the Internet naturally also offers numerous discounts, to which consumers should also devote themselves in order to save cash.

Of course, anyone can buy a slide projector. But it is much more recommendable for all those who own slides. Be it from grandma, grandpa, aunt and old days of the good old 70s and 80s. It’s also possible to still make old negatives as slides, so that a joint photo evening would certainly be the idea and a slide projector comes just in time, right?

Fortunately, when buying a slide projector in general, not much can go wrong. They are not particularly technically bound to modernity and the latest achievements and are quite easy to use. In addition, a slide projector can of course be purchased on the basis of the manufacturer. Those who prefer a well-known manufacturer will end up paying a little more, but know that they can speak of quality. Otherwise, one can look at a slide projector to see if it may have an automatic playback, a remote control and several slides in a row or device allowed to allow fast playback. You should always have a slide projector if you are still the proud owner of slides. In addition, negatives can of course also be conjured into slides, so that a slide projector would also make more sense here. It is a good choice for many, is easy to use and fortunately not expensive.

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