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Snoring is not only annoying, it can also be a symptom of a dangerous disease. It damages the heart and circulation and can reduce the quality of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people are trying everything to get rid of the annoying snoring. Numerous aids are offered in the trade, starting from tablets, nose plasters and mouth sprays over back cushions, nose clips and chin bandages up to electronic snoring stoppers. All of them promise a quick stop to the nocturnal disturbing noises. But do they keep what they promise? Even in grandmother’s time snoring was used, so even then there were various efforts to restore peace at night. If you didn’t want to put your snoring spouse outside the door or spend the night on the couch in the living room, you had to come up with something. As most people snore on their backs, they tried to prevent the snorer from turning on their backs. At that time a large piece of fabric or a towel knotted on the back was sufficient. If the snorer turned on his back at night, the knot pressed and prevented him from lying comfortably. Usually the snorer automatically turned back to his side and slept quietly. But many of those affected also snore in a lateral position. Therefore the knot trick is not a universal snore stopper. Over-the-counter snore stoppers from the pharmacyA snore stopper, which is also often prescribed by doctors, is the nose patch. These nose strips are simply glued to the bridge of the nose, allowing the nostrils to be easily pulled apart and held. This enables easier nasal breathing. However, if no improvement can be detected after six days of use, they are ineffective for the respective user. As the name suggests, the throat spray is simply sprayed into the throat before going to sleep. 3 sprays each should be sufficient to unfold its effect. A foam is sprayed onto the soft palate, which leaves an oily film there. After only one month of use, the muscles of the soft palate should be strengthened to such an extent that the typical snoring does not occur. How desperate some snorers have to be is proven by other snoring stoppers, which remind us more of torture devices than of products that should actually make sleep easier. Tooth splints are fixed to the jaw with a screw and push the jaw forward a bit, creating more space in the throat for the soft palate. A chinstrap is a device made of various materials of cotton and rubber bands, which must be worn with Velcro close-fitting to the head and over the forehead. This prevents the mouth from opening and the throat from drying out during sleep. As this prevents breathing through the mouth, a nose butterfly should be worn in addition to the chin strap. This mechanical silicone snoring stopper is inserted into the nose. The material immediately adapts to the shape of the nose and stabilises the nostrils. This facilitates nasal breathing. The modern snoring stopperThere are now all kinds of more comfortable snoring stoppers on the market. These are usually electronic devices that are usually worn as bracelets and can filter the snoring of other noises during the night. When the patient begins to snore, the bracelet emits light electronic impulses reminiscent of the tingling sensation of a fallen asleep arm. This animates the sleeper to change his position. The snoring ebbs. These electronic snoring stoppers have been scientifically researched and technologically engineered to be completely harmless to the user’s health. Since these devices are of course not as inexpensive as for example an anti snoring clap or the nose patches, one should compare the different manufacturers and different products before the purchase, in order to prevent later trouble and possibly expensive mispurchases. Based on customer reviews and test results, you can order a high-quality product and sleep snore free in the future.

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Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Devices for Snore Stopper Nose Vents Stop Snoring Sleep Aid Snore Reducing for Sleep Better(8Packs Included)
  • Durable and reusable, this anti-snoring device is made of high-quality medical silicone without odorless (PBA) so you can use them more conveniently
  • Stop snoring naturally and immediately - The snorkel vent has a unique design that prevents snoring. It maximizes airflow in the nasal cavity. Let people around you make a sweet dream
  • With 2 styles and 4 sizes each, you can choose more comfortable to choose your own size
  • SnoreCare Vents has been scientifically designed to maximize air flow through the nasal passages, thereby reducing user snoring
  • We are confident that you will love our anti-snoring nose vent. For example, if you are not satisfied with this product for any reason, we will give you a full refund.

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