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Sun creams with a sun protection factor of 50 – that’s what you have to considerSunbathing is part of summer for many people. But not every skin tolerates the high intensity of sunlight and takes damage. The UV-A and UV-B rays contained in sunlight cause skin damage when exposed to unprotected radiation, which, apart from the notorious sunburn, will only be felt in a few years’ time. Sensitive skin that only has a short self-protection period or is not used to the sun needs additional protection. Sun cream with sun protection factor 50 or more is an uncomplicated way to protect the skin. These products extend the individual self-protection time of the skin by a factor of 50 and also make it easier for extremely sun-sensitive people to stay in the sun. This article shows what else needs to be considered when buying a sun protection product with a sun protection factor of 50. High sun protection for sensitive skinSensitive people who have sensitive skin even without additional sunlight have to compare carefully when choosing a sun cream. Anyone who suffers from known allergies or a high allergic tendency should in any case fall back on a low-allergen product. Solar radiation, water, sweat and sand massively damage the skin and reduce the natural skin protection barrier. As a result, allergens enter the body more easily and cause unpleasant reactions there. Rashes, itching and the worsening of existing skin problems can easily develop in this initial situation and cloud the pleasure of sunbathing for longer periods of time. Not only does this reduce the risk of a reaction, it also prevents further sensitization to ingredients with allergen potential. Also with skin problems, such as acne or neurodermatitis, a sun cream suitable for allergy sufferers should be used. Here, potentially problematic ingredients are dispensed with, so that existing problems are not further exacerbated. It is caused by the combination of sunlight, fat and sweat: Majorca acne causes inflammatory processes in the hair follicles and can make sunbathing impossible for several weeks. A sun cream that not only has a high sun protection factor but is also low in fat and does not contain emulsifiers can avoid this sun-related problem. Sun protection for children – the higher the better? children want to enjoy the summer weather untroubled, no matter whether they are on the beach, in the outdoor pool or in their own garden. Because children’s skin is still particularly sensitive, a high sun protection factor should not be dispensed with for the youngest. Children up to the age of 12 are on the safe side with a sunscreen that offers a sun protection factor of 50 or more. Children should take breaks in the shade at regular intervals anyway to cool off and drink plenty of water during activities in the sun. This is the ideal opportunity to re-apply the cream so that the full protection time can be used. If you are looking for the healthiest possible sun protection for your children, you can fall back on a sun cream with mineral protection. This forms a visible white film on the skin, which makes the penetration of harmful radiation very difficult. No chemicals are used here, only finely ground minerals and zinc oxide.

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Waterproof sun protection – ideal for swimming poolsWhoever prefers to spend the sunny days at or in the water cannot do without a sun cream with a high sun protection factor. Here, however, caution is necessary, because even if the sun cream is described as waterproof, it offers after half an hour in the water only half of the promised light protection factor. After swimming you should therefore always re-apply the cream in order to regain some of the sun protection. Waterproof sun creams with a sun protection factor of 50 or more allow even sun-sensitive persons to enjoy a longer stay in the water.

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