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  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE: Featuring a long,...
  • GET RELIABLE RESULTS, EVERY TIME: Equipped with a reliable,...
  • INVEST IN QUALITY THAT LASTS: Boasting a premium quality,...
  • Omron blood pressure monitors are the #1 recommended brand...
  • Two users can store and review last 50 readings each (total...
  • Note-blood pressure varies constantly due to many factors...
  • Nylon cuff with range markings
  • Inflation bladder and bulb
  • Chrome-plated deflation valve
  • FDA CLEARED - Santamedical Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is FDA...
  • QUALITY TESTED - Stress tested thousands of times
  • QUICK AND EASY READINGS - Large high Contrast dial to for...
  • Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff (fits upper arms 9"-17")
  • Manage and track up to 100 readings on your blood pressure...
  • Multi-colored indicator lights clearly show how your reading...
  • Nylon cuff with range markings
  • Inflation bladder and bulb
  • Chrome-plated deflation valve

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Development and popularity of a blood pressure monitor Today, a distinction is made between a mechanical (analogue) and a digital blood pressure monitor for measuring blood pressure. The first variant was already familiar to doctors at an early age, but eventually found its way into private households. This was not least due to their advantage over the very first blood pressure measurement variant, which was used until the late 19th century: Blood pressure measurement by inserting a measuring probe directly into the veins. This method was not only extremely painful for the patients, it also increased the risk of infection enormously. Fortunately, an Italian paediatrician named Scipione Riva-Rocci developed the blood pressure monitor at the end of the 19th century, which served as a model for the models commonly used today: a combination of a tube that served as a cuff for the upper arm, a rubber balloon that inflated this tube and a mercury barometer for measuring the arm artery. For the first time, blood pressure could be measured painlessly from the outside using this method. What can a blood pressure monitor do and what is it suitable for? Today’s blood pressure monitors allow the uncomplicated and painless determination of a patient’s blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to serious damage to health, which is why many private individuals decide to purchase such a device. While in the mechanical version the number of pulse beats must be counted, a digital, electronic blood pressure monitor automatically takes over and displays the result. Therefore, there is no need for silence when measuring with digital instruments – as is often required for manual measurements. Ideally, blood pressure should be measured on the upper arm. Measurement at the wrist is also possible, but often leads to rather inaccurate results. A daily blood pressure measurement is recommended for high-risk patients who tend to have high blood pressure. But the use of a blood pressure monitor can also be useful for simple monitoring of blood pressure. Recommended devices and functions The Medisana MTP blood pressure computer was awarded the quality rating “good” by Stiftung Warentest in 2006 as the comparative winner. It offers a total of 198 storage locations for the measured values for two users, so that an overview of several weeks is possible and the development of blood pressure can be monitored. Furthermore, an average value of the stored data is calculated. Manual entries are not required. The Sanitas SBM 21 upper arm blood pressure monitor also received a predominantly positive assessment from its users. It classifies the measured values using a scale and immediately shows whether the blood pressure has reached alarming levels or is within the normal range. There is also the recognition of an arrhythmia, which can warn of possible heart problems. The AEG BMG 5611 blood pressure monitor is inexpensive yet powerful. The particularly large buttons and the bright, spacious display make it ideal for seniors. The fully automated pulse and blood pressure measurement with this device takes place comfortably on the upper arm. All three recommended devices belong to the digital blood pressure measuring devices, which provide a fast and problem-free blood pressure measurement in the daily use. The values can be read off the display immediately and estimated, a manual calculation is not necessary. Conclusion and helpful tips around the purchase of a blood pressure monitor A blood pressure monitor should not be missing in any household, especially if the tendency to high blood pressure is present in a resident. But low blood pressure can also lead to problems such as dizziness or fatigue. Since most blood pressure monitors today are available in digital form, measurement is very simple. The cuff is placed on the wrist or – better – on the upper arm, the device is switched on and then the measurement takes place. The values can be viewed on screen after a few seconds, many blood pressure monitors immediately show on a scale whether they are critical or in the normal range. When buying a blood pressure device, not only the price plays a role, but also the existing functions. One should consider whether one wants a device with direct assessment of blood pressure, whether one is looking for further features (such as the warning of arythmias) or, for example, attaches importance to the storage possibility of older measured values. Many devices are also very compact and easy to store. Sources:

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Professional Manual Blood Pressure Cuff – Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Durable Carrying Case by Paramed – Lifetime Calibration for Accurate Readings – Black
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE: Featuring a long, universal cuff (22-42cm) that is made of extra durable, wear resistant nylon, as well as a high quality, comfortable Velcro strip that allows for easy measuring in any body type, from slim to obese, Paramed manual blood pressure cuff ensures effortless and professional blood pressure reading at home (NOT include stethoscope).
  • GET RELIABLE RESULTS, EVERY TIME: Equipped with a reliable, metal air needle valve with a smooth pressure relief regulation and a large, easily readable number dial, suitable for seniors or people with low vision, this device has been clinically tested and calibrated to deliver accurate, reliable readings, every time.
  • INVEST IN QUALITY THAT LASTS: Boasting a premium quality, zinc alloy body, a non stop manometer mechanism and an improved, supercharger check valve with reticulated filter that prevents dust from clogging the device, this efficient aneroid sphygmomanometer promises to last a lifetime.
  • TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE KIT ANYWHERE: Neatly packed in a durable, water resistant, polyester carrying case that will keep your professional blood pressure cuff set intact during all your travels, this lightweight kit offers superior portability and convenience on the go.
  • GET IT RISK-FREE: Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of our blood pressure monitor set, we offer you a 30 day, money back guarantee of complete satisfaction. With nothing to lose, order yours today and offer yourself peace of mind!

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