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A bite healer is a battery-operated device for use with mosquito bites. It is most effective when applied to as fresh a place as possible. It is very compact and can easily be stowed in the handbag. This makes it ideal for holidays, as it requires little storage space in the suitcase. The advantages of a stab healerThe way it works is completely chemical-free, making it suitable for children, allergy sufferers and pregnant women. The heat breaks down the proteins transferred by the insects. This protein finds its way into the human skin via the saliva of the stinging animals, where it causes the typical itching. Mosquito bites are not only annoying, but can also pose a real danger to the skin. If the affected areas are constantly scratched by the itching, this can lead to scarring, which is often also inflamed. Especially during the holiday season mosquito bites are very annoying and spoil the fun. In these cases a stab healer can provide remedy. The earlier a stab healer is used, the lower the subsequent itching. The insect saliva cannot spread and is rendered harmless by the heat. Itching and swelling are effectively prevented.

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The function of a thermal stab healerA thermal stab healer helps with painful and itchy stitches thanks to the local heat development. It prevents the typical swelling that typically occurs after an insect bite or sting. The local heat lies between 49° and 53° Celsius. At a temperature of 50°, the insect venom is decomposed and the release of histamine is prevented. Histamine is responsible for swelling. The length of the application varies according to the age of the affected person. Adults should expose the stitch to the stitch healer for 6 seconds, children only need 3 seconds. However, bite healers do not only have an effect on mosquito bites. Users have also had good experience with jellyfish, nettles or St. Peter’s men. Scientists assume that this is due to the purely physical behaviour. It activates various signalling pathways and has a positive effect on inflammatory and immune reactions. Initial problems of the StichheilersIn the course of the years the functionality of the Stichheilers was constantly improved. In the beginning, the devices were so hot that after the treatment a small blister often appeared on the stung area. Today’s models proceed much more gently without having to accept any loss in their functionality. Nevertheless, demand remains manageable, which means that stab healers are often not available in pharmacies. It is recommended to order in advance or to use the Internet. Recommendable products and customer opinionsA recommendable model is the stab healer Bite Away from Riemser Pharma. It is dermatologically tested and extremely easy to use. The concentrated heat prevents burn blisters. Customers praise the quick effect. After the stitch is applied briefly to the affected area, it effectively prevents any itching and swelling. The extremely compact form is also mentioned positively. Another product that has been very well rated by buyers is the Davita 30050 Stitch Healer MosQuit. This is also a high-tech device used to alleviate insect bites with concentrated heat. Since heat is perceived differently, the temperature range can be individually adapted to the user. Nevertheless, the lower or higher heat input promises a consistently good result. The acoustic signal ensures that users are directly informed as soon as the application is over and the stab healer can be removed from the skin.

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