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  • Handy 12-volt portable stove
  • Warms food to 300 degrees
  • Can be used to heat most kinds of pre-cooked food
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  • Jenni Fleetwood
  • Publisher: Hermes House
  • MEATY MORSELS PACKED WITH PROTEIN - High quality pork &...
  • GRAIN FREE - Pork & Rabbit Stovetop Stew is made with...
  • Brent Holmes
  • MP3 Music
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  • [Versatile Cooker] Multi function electric cooker, be the...
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  • Quick prep! Just add water to the can and you're good to go...
  • Ten 1-Cup Servings
  • Allergens: Milk, Soy, Wheat

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Our Top stew stove Pick

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove, Black
  • Handy 12-volt portable stove
  • Warms food to 300 degrees
  • Can be used to heat most kinds of pre-cooked food
  • Plugs into most 12V lighter-type sockets
  • Ideal for stews, beans, chops, rice meals, hot dishes/goulash and more

Everything for the garden: stew stove Video Guide

Stoves are also commonly referred to as goulash cannons, field cookers or field kitchens. Despite these different names, however, all these devices are characterized by the same functionality. Stoves are used outdoors and placed on the terrace or in the garden, for example. The use of a one-pot oven is especially good when it comes to serving a larger company.

Private stoves are mostly powered by coal, which makes them independent of any power source. The coal is then easily in the appropriate opening for this purpose. Then it can be ignited. After that you fry, for example, the desired meat quite strong in the boiler of the oven and gives as desired water, other liquids, vegetables and spices. However, it should be noted here that the preparation of the various dishes in the stew oven is clearly different from the preparation in a saucepan. Because of this, it is recommended to look here for special recipes for the one-pot oven. However, this is not a problem, because you will find a variety of such recipes on the Internet, for example. But also in bookstores one will find something. In addition to the devices for private use but also quite large one-pot stoves are offered. These are field cookers, which are usually operated with coal or wood and have at least one hearth and a kettle. These stoves are portable and much larger. Among other things, they are used by the Bundeswehr or the fire brigade.

The term stew oven is a little bit misleading, because in such a stove not only delicious stews, but also other food can be prepared. This includes, for example:

In addition, a stew oven can certainly serve for holding various types of tea and coffee.

Anyone interested in a one-pot stove should first of all pay attention to the different filling quantities of the various models. For private use, a one-pot oven with a capacity of approximately 10 to 15 liters is usually sufficient. Ideally, the boiler of the oven can be removed if desired and covered with an additional lid. In addition, it is very convenient if the boiler and also the sheathing is provided with two handles. In this way, not only the removal, but possibly also the transport is much easier. Also, do not underestimate the weight of the one-pot oven. For example, there are models that weigh only about ten kilograms, while other ovens weigh around 50 kilograms. When choosing it comes naturally in terms of weight, whether the one-pot oven should be transported or can always stay in the same place. For those who place a high value on easy cleaning, for example, a stainless steel boiler is ideal for these, which are very easy to clean.

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