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  • 【Sock Slider】- The Socks Assist System includes a sock...
  • 【Easy to use】- The unique cradle design expands and...
  • 【Ideal for】- Useful dressing aids for people with back,...
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Back pain is one of the most common diseases in the modern world. More and more people suffer from back pain as they get older. Of course, people who have to do heavy and physical work every day are particularly affected. But even office workers complain about a painful neck and back, and sometimes the simplest things in life suddenly become a new challenge. This begins, for example, with dressing every morning. People who suffer from severe back pain usually have enormous problems putting on stockings.

More freedom and autonomyFirst and foremost, attraction aids are used by those people who are simply dependent on these aids away. Usually older people are no longer able to bend down painlessly. Now the put-on aid for stockings helps. This gives the patients a little more independence and they can usually dress completely on their own. The same applies to pain patients. Anyone who is no longer able to bend down knows how painful it can be to put on footwear every day. With the help of the telescopic poles you don’t have to bend down anymore. This relieves the strain on the back and these people no longer find dressing very painful. On the other hand, dressing aids are also offered as a small luxury. For all those who just don’t feel like bending over. It makes everyday life noticeably more comfortable, whether for health reasons or comfort, it is an achievement especially for those who are physically dependent on such assistance, and also used in rehabilitation clinics or hospitals. It is precisely the putting on of support stockings that proves to be difficult and can be done more easily by hand if an appropriate putting aid can be used

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IfSelect Sock Aid Easy On and Off Stocking Slider No Bending, Stretching or Straining Puller, Donner for Elderly, Senior, Pregnant, Diabetics - Pull Up Assistance Help
  • 【Sock Slider】- The Socks Assist System includes a sock cradle and a long, toothed handle that helps you slide the socks without bending, twisting, tightening or turning. Put on and take off your socks quickly and easily.
  • 【Easy to use】- The unique cradle design expands and keeps the socks open in perfect position, so you just have to slide your foot in. Easy to use, just place the sock on the cradle, place the cradle on the floor, and slide your foot in. A detachable long handle can also help you take off your socks. It can even help you put on your shoes and let you put them on. No longer bent.
  • 【Ideal for】- Useful dressing aids for people with back, knee or hip pain, reduced flexibility (overweight, pregnancy, etc.) or limited hand strength/flexibility.
  • 【Versatile】- Suitable for dress socks, casual socks, sports socks and even compression socks. Easy to pack, easy to store or travel.
  • 【Best gift】- This is a great gift for older men or older women, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. In addition, you can purchase it yourself. It is the best gift for your convenience.

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To avoid this daily pain, various manufacturers offer put-on aids for stockings and socks. Stockings and socks can now be put on comfortably and easily without having to bend down. The stocking is pushed over the plastic holder, which usually has a shape of a semicircle. The foot glides automatically into the sock. The corresponding telescopic poles now ensure that the stocking reaches the foot without having to bend down. Socks have never been easier to put on, and the socks are available in a wide variety of styles and styles. Depending on the purpose for which this assistance is to be used. There are a few differences to consider here. Dressing aids are offered either for pain patients and old people or as a comfortable luxury to simply get away from it all and get into your socks more easily. In the following a few more details:

+ put on stockings without stooping+ no more back problems when putting on+ easy and uncomplicated to use

– the tightening aid cannot always be used everywhere because of its size

Compare tightening aids Before purchasing such a tightening aid, it is advisable to compare individual offers. The purpose for which the tightening aid is to be used should of course be determined. In other words whether the purchase will serve purely away the comfort or whether health aspects are to be considered. Therefore, it is important to have a close look at the product descriptions in order to be able to filter out the suitable put-on aids for the stockings at the end. For daily use, these aids should always be somewhat more robust. The costs for the socks can even be charged to the health insurance because they can be classified as medical aids. However, this depends on the benefits catalogue of the respective health insurance fund and must be checked individually.

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