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  • Functional design with non-skid base, the heavy-duty pestle...
  • Environmentally friendly, no BPA, no lead, no mercury,...
  • Quickly grind and break down ingredients; speeds up medicine...
  • EASILY CRUSH YOUR PILLS: Imagine you never have to swallow...
  • COMPACT TRAVEL SIZE: You need to take pills rain or shine,...

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Pharmacists use a classic porcelain mortar for such cases. Anyone who wants to use a mortar and pestle at home for crushing tablets should only use it for this purpose and not for crushing spices or other substances. Special tablet mortars are much easier to handle. These useful helpers are also even cheaper than a classic mortar with pestle.

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Pill Crusher, AUVON iMedassist Pill Grinder (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use), Medicine Grinder with 304 Stainless Steel and Non-Slip Base for The Elderly, Your Pet, Dog, Cat, Horse
  • PROFESSIONAL PILL CHRUSING SOLUTION. AUVON is professional in medication management. At this time, AUVON choose this stainless mortar and pestle, an ancient tool that's been around for millennia, to be a pill crusher. A well-constructed mortar and pestle will outperform its other counterparts in terms of ease of use, clean up and convenience. It's quite easy to crush up pills to a fine powder for the elderly and your pet / dog / cat / hourse etc.
  • WHY THE MORTAR. We choose a small one as an outstanding pill grinder with optimized surface contact between the bowl and pestle for excellent pills grinding performance. Choosing the mortar, you don't need to worry that medications may adhere to the accessories of the pill crusher and get less once crushed by other grinders. No worries about big pills getting stuck in your pill crushers. No need to concern to cut big pills into small parts before grinding. This one is perfect for pill grinding.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. The smooth and non-porous 304 stainless surface resists odors and is quite easy to clean. (Wash prior to first use, dry before storing and keep it away from acids for longer lifespan)
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY. The bowl has enough strength and bottom weight to remain relatively stationary when applying pressure if you hold the weight of the bowl low in the mid-section, and that has enough capacity for your intended use. This heavy stainless steel has a non-skid base for secure grinding of pills, medications, medicine, spices etc.
  • What You Receive: 1 x AUVON Mortar & Pestle Pill Crusher, our 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

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As important as taking tablets may be for our health, taking them yourself is not everyone’s cup of tea. Bedridden patients and many seniors find it quite difficult to swallow tablets. This is especially true for large tablets. That is why the crushing of tablets is part of daily practice for many people. Anyone who has ever tried to crush a hard tablet with a spoon or any other instrument knows only too well that this can require considerable effort. And it can easily happen that you slip and the powder is spilled.

Modern tablet mortars, which are particularly recommended for the private user or for the nursing sector, are made of stable plastic. The tablet mortar consists of two parts, which are connected by a thread. The tablet is simply placed in the lower container and the upper part of the mortar is then placed on top. The tablet is crushed by a rotating movement and the fine powder can easily be removed after removing the upper part.

Many patients find it difficult to swallow and experience shows that such problems become even greater with increasing age. What can be very annoying while eating or drinking may become a life-threatening problem when taking medication. If the tablet ‘sticks’ in the throat, the foreign body sensation causes a cough or nausea in most people. It is also unfavourable if the tablet adheres to the walls of the esophagus because the active substances cannot then be absorbed by the organism in the way intended. From a medical point of view it is therefore advantageous to use a tablet mortar. Experienced nurses therefore give the medication in such situations in powdered form with a little liquid. This method is also very helpful for patients who have to be fed via a stomach tube. However, this trick can also effectively help parents of small children and all other affected persons. In order to prevent the daily crushing of the tablets from becoming a time-consuming and strenuous affair, the purchase of a practical tablet mortar is recommended. This applies in particular to men and women whose mobility is restricted by a physical disability. Compared to other methods, the pulverization of tablets with the help of a tablet mortar requires significantly less force.

If you have pets, you’ll also need to appreciate the tablet mortar. Anyone who’s ever had to give a large tablet to their four-legged friend knows the problem. If the medication is mixed as a powder with the feed, you and your animal will save a lot of inconvenience.

Sundo Homecare GmbH offers a high-quality plastic tablet mortar, which has already served many patients and their caring relatives well. And also patients with physical handicaps, who must take daily several tablets, report contently of their positive experiences with this tablet mortar. The small device even fits into a handbag and becomes a helpful companion on the way. In such situations, the integrated depot compartment is helpful.

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