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Tens and Ems devices are becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is the possibility of situational and local pain treatment without medication, which for many is a crucial point. In the following some important and decisive functional aspects as well as advantages and disadvantages are considered. Function:Treatment with a TENS/Ems device involves the application of electronic impulses, on the one hand for electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). This electrical stimulation is processed by electrodes attached to the body via the direct stimulation system. There’s actually electricity flowing. This current serves to influence the sensation of pain and perception by the brain. If the stimulus is alleviated, the user perceives a lesser pain, which in turn results in a loosening of the protective posture. Among other things, this relieves a cramp. Application: Different forms of treatment are conceivable in this context and are also used for acute complaints, arthrosis, rheumatic complaints and other chronic painful conditions. In this context, it should be noted that this is the external application of electrical stimulation, the nature and extent of which should be coordinated. This should be considered on the one hand in terms of time and intensity, and on the other hand in terms of the use of the device in high-risk patients or the following patients only by expert advice from a doctor: heart disease, pregnancy, open wounds, weak or poorly perfused areas of the body or mental illness. In addition, no use should be made for non-specific headaches. Children and allergy sufferers should not use the device independently.

Advantages of Tens: Significant advantages in the use of Tens devices consist in direct chance for minimizing medication during enamel treatments. Some chronic illnesses are also recognised or supported by the health insurance. In comparison to drug treatment, the reduction of side effects and risks must also be clearly emphasized: there is no danger of physical dependence during a prolonged phase of use, no harmful or stressful effect on the organism, and no risk of physical dependence in the body during a prolonged phase of use. In addition, the application from home or also on the road, situational and limited applicable. Disadvantages of Tens: In addition to a possible reddening of the skin, active body stimulation can cause a tingling sensation during the application, which can turn into pain depending on the intensity of the application. The more complex and extensive the program portfolio of the devices, the more complex they can become in the area of application. In addition, there may be misunderstandings when interpreting the application description. In this context and in case of unsafe or wrong handling, this can lead to far-reaching application errors, which ultimately do not serve to relieve pain but only harm the user even more. Conclusion: When making a purchase, you should therefore be aware of whether you are able to understand the application-specific features of a device on your own or whether you would prefer to find the right device for you through competent advice in a specialist medical shop. One thing, however, is clear: the advantages of such a device outweigh the benefits if the possibility of drug exposure can be reduced, especially in chronic pain patients.

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Areas of application: As a rule, a large number of body regions can be stimulated with commercially available devices. Often programs and above all application samples of the manufacturers are given, which specify both kind, extent and intensity as a recommendation. whether foot, belly, neck, legs, bottom, almost all body areas find themselves in the achievement spectra again. In this context, it is crucial to compare which product is most likely to be my personal area of application.

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