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If you wanted to shoot photos under water a few years ago, you had to take a lot of money into your hands. Little by little, waterproof disposable cameras established themselves. The first affordable possibilities for underwater shootings were then the Actioncams. Today everyone can really indulge in the fun of capturing fish, water handstand and other things in pictures. Thanks to the inventors of underwater housings and underwater bags.

Users of other cameras as well as lovers of smartphone and tablet photography are well advised to use underwater bags. They reliably enclose the device and feel like a slightly thicker film. However, the possibilities of using functions are not restricted

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The difference between underwater housings and underwater pocketsThe owners of SLR cameras, compact cameras and video cameras have the opportunity to buy an underwater housing that exactly fits their model. However, it is essential to ensure that all functions can also be operated under water. Frequently, only a few buttons can be operated through the housing.

Tip: If there is no suitable underwater housing for your own camera, underwater pockets can also be used here.

How do underwater housings work? High-quality underwater housings consist of a solid shell that encloses the camera. They’re made of plastic and carbon fiber. The trick to water resistance is to use an O-ring. This is a sealing ring which is circular in shape. When the cover is closed, pressure is exerted on this ring. It expands flexibly in all directions. This surface tension ensures that the shell is tightly closed. Neither dirt nor water can penetrate.

Attention: Just because an underwater housing is leak-proof does not mean that it is necessarily submersible. This means that the purchase must take into account whether the hull can withstand the pressure in several meters of water depth.

Underwater housing and the photo shootingIt is important that the housing fits well in the hand so that great pictures can be taken under water. Many models even come with a belt or a hand strap. This is especially convenient so that the device cannot get lost. Through the shell, the cameras behave similar to the buoyancy bodies. To keep them calm, they must be weighted for diving. For most professional underwater housings there are such to buy.

Tip for smartphone owners: If you have securely packed your smartphone and paddled it out on an air mattress, you are probably interested in the following: There are floating hand straps. The device remains under water and can shoot great underwater films independently with the video recording switched on.

Underwater housing for professionals: It is particularly advantageous if the underwater housing has additional handles on the right and left. This allows experienced divers to hold the device more smoothly and focus better for sharper photos. The images will blur less.

Underwater housings can be very expensive. Prices in the three- or even four-digit range are not uncommon. Underwater bags are usually a cheaper solution. When often not as trusting as the originals.

Underwater housing on landWhoever takes his equipment with him into rain-rich areas or even waves, surfers and animals in the rainforest may photograph, he is well advised with an underwater housing. Even if there are already cameras on the market today that are directly waterproof, these housings are suitable as a sensible upgrade. The splash guard for the lens is often not enough.

Cleaning tips:Underwater housings should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Especially the O-ring must be kept clean. Sand particles, salt crystals from the sea and hair as well as other substances rub against the rubber and damage its surface. This can lead to cracks or it can become porous. Good care is essential for the function. After bathing in salt water, the underwater housing must be rinsed with fresh water. Connoisseurs recommend wrapping it in a towel and placing it in the shade.

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